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The New Panda Boys in Town!

Explore welcomes two new pandas to Old Leopard Mountain and Giant Panda cams! Camera operator Lee Morris introduces us to them:

giant panda bear sleeping

Top 5 Giant Panda Photos of the Week

Looks like we have some new contributors to our awesome snapshot collections — keep them coming! Here are the top 5 from the past week, pandas doing what they do best. Enjoy! (Snapshot above from viewer amazed.)         EXPLORE The Complete – Panda Live Camera Experience

Triple the Pandas, Triple the Cute!

It’s cubbie season and our hearts are all aflutter with the arrivals of new panda cubs. Particularly fun to watch are Ju Xiao’s triplets, who are looking more like pandas every time we see an update. Check out this recent photo, and visit the big pandas on HD live cam.  –Pandas International

Happy Monday!

Shu Qin is just saying “Good Morning” from China! The Giant Pandas of Bifengxia Panda Reserve in China have 988 acres to play on – as Shu Qin so nicely demonstrates here! Read about the program for these endangered animals at Pandas International. Did You Know? Adult pandas weigh 165 – 353 lbs and stand 4-5 feet high, but when


Giant Pandas are known for their keen ability to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Older pandas spend most of their time eating and sleeping (and in this case, taking in the view). Younger pandas like to play, chasing each other, climbing trees and tumbling on the ground. Perhaps their easygoing disposition can

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