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We’ve Got Swell

Thanks to explore.org fan BeckyT-GA for these snapshots of yesterday’s swell on Pipeline, North Shore, Hawaii. The camera will go live after sun up on the islands and you can catch all the action here today – – and dream of warmer shores!

Survival at Sea: Sea Lions

Big waves don’t bother Laird Hamilton or baby sea lions much. Sea lions, seals and other pinnipeds use their streamlined bodies and flippers to play in waves and ride the surf. It’s particularly fun for sea lion pups who are known to be social and playful (more here). This young seal lion was caught surfing waves

Shark Facts #1: Sandbar Sharks

The Sandbar Shark “is the most abundant species of large shark in the Western Atlantic. It has a global distribution” found in the warmer waters around every continent except Antarctica. You can spot them on the live cam as the “sandbar shark’s most distinguishing characteristic is its taller than average first dorsal fin.” They typically