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Zodiac the Mink

Zodiac the Mink and Baladi the Dog Play after Rescue

A shared history of trauma can bring people together through a bond of understanding and empathy. Such stress can have that effect on animals too, as these rescues of very different species show us in this video. Zodiac the mink and Baladi the Egyptian dog have been building a relationship together after surviving separate lives

rescue dog

Happy Birthday to Hailey, our Rescue Dog the Day!

Say happy birthday to our featured rescue dog of the day, Hailey! Her friend Lauren writes in a little about the young pup.

Doggie Roll Call: Come Meet the Pups Today!

Come meet the adorable and adoptable rescue pups on our brand new Animal Wellness Live Cam, today (Friday, 8/29/14) at 3 PM Pacific Time. Dr. Annie of the Animal Wellness Center in California has worked with animals big, small and worldwide.

Dog Saves Owner by Alerting Her to Gas Leak

From our partners at HuffPost Good News, we bring this incredible tale of how rescue dogs rescue us: A heroic dog from Indiana saved his family from a potential disaster by sniffing out a gas leak, according to Fox 59. Erin Cramer from Shelbyville, Ind., adopted the pup named Clobberhead from a local Greyhound Pets of America two months

Cuddle Up

Lee and Cay from our Kitten Cam aren’t afraid to show their affection. Much of the reason why a cat cuddles has to do with in what type of environment he was raised. Cats raised in a calm, affectionate family learn to trust humans and express that through cuddling. Of course, whether a cat cuddles

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