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Lin Bing: An Adoption Story

When we were in China in November, we  were fortunate to meet a number of people who have adopted pandas through PI.  Among the group were those who had JUST adopted Lin Bing, the beloved panda born in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Zoo.  Lin Bing was returned to China earlier this year to find a mate

Meet Shan Hu

Pandas International’s adoptable Panda of the Week Male, born 8/24/10 at Bifengxia. Mother is Gong Zhu Living at White Bear Ground at Bifengxia. During the hot summer days Shan Hu likes to stay inside to stay cool. But after sunset he likes to climb to a fork in a tree or just lay on the

Meet Ao Ao

Pandas International’s Adoptable Panda of the Week Male. Born August 1, 2010 at Bifengxia. Shui Xiu’s male twin cub (first born cub). Second born is a female (Feng Feng). Currently living at the Bifengxia Panda Kindergarten. You can adopt Ao Ao by visiting the adoption site at http://pandasinternational.pinnaclecart.com/adopt-a-panda/ and typing in AO AO

Meet Cai Yun

Pandas International’s Adoptable Panda of the Week Gender: Female Born: July 27, 2010 to Ju Xiao Location: New Leopard Mountain Villas Bifengxia Panda Reserve Notes: Cai Yun is the oldest of twins. Second born was Zhao Yang, a male. Cai Yun lives with her mother but can be very independent, leaving her mother’s side to

Meet Hu Chun

Pandas International’s Adoptable Panda of the Week Gender: Female Born: September 9, 2010 to Ye Ye Location: White Bear Ground at the Bifenxia Reserve Weight: 53.2kg Notes: Hu Chun’s favorite foods are bamboo shoots, fresh bamboo, carrots and apples. After sunset, when the weather is cooler, she loves to sleep in the fork of a