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Inside Look at Bao Bao’s New Home

ABC News recently visited Bao Bao, who you may remember from this Smithsonian Magazine article, for an inside look at her new home. Catch a glimpse at her habitat and training schedule, and learn more about why she’s being trained in this clip. –Pandas International

The Mystery of the Giant Panda

There’s a great piece on Giant Pandas in the Smithsonian Magazine this month, exploring the complexity — and magnificence — of the Giant Panda: If they were simple, they might not be as marvelous. Instead, pandas are peculiar: They are a one-off, limited-edition animal model that has guarded many of its secrets, in spite of

Ni Hao, Bao Bao

On Sunday, December 1st, on her 100th day of life, the National Zoo christened Mei Xiang and Tian Tian’s little girl Bao Bao.  Her name means “precious” or “treasure” and was the most popular name chosen by an online poll that collected more than 123,000 votes from around the world. Read more about the traditional Chinese naming ceremony