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With a Service Dog, Children Learn in Many Ways

Facility dogs engage students in special education classes by providing motivation, feelings of safety, and increased opportunities for constructive fun.

Life can be a joyride with a Saint Francis Service Dog

Saint Francis Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that helps children and adults with disabilities to become more independent and self-sufficient through partnerships with professionally trained service dogs.

Dutchess the Blind Therapy Dog

From Huffington Post: When a child approached to pet but seemed nervous, Dutchess instinctively understood and would respond with great gentleness so the child felt safe. [Her trainer] believed that Dutchess possessed an empathy and that couldn’t be taught, making her an ideal therapy dog for people with autism and special needs, especially those hesitant

Follow The Story Of Kyle His Service Dog

Kyle is 7 year old boy who has been diagnosed with Autism, epilepsy, global developmental delay, adaptive delay, ADHD, an anxiety disorder, and a tendency to wander. Kyle and his family are telling their story via this Facebook page about his Autism service and seizure detection dog, from training to certification.

Aled Greets A Friend

Aled the therapy corgi greets a friend.