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San Diego Cub Is Thriving

/ Post by Pandas International

On July 29th, Bai Yun gave birth to her 6th cub at the San Diego Zoo. The 20-year-old panda’s pregnancy was considered high risk because of her age.  Veterinarians were thrilled when the healthy cub was born – and he continues to thrive!

At 9 weeks old now, Bai Yun’s cub (a male) is developing right on track.  His eyes and ears are officially open and he is showing an increased behavioral response to his environment, making it appear that his vision and hearing are developing normally, according to the zoo.

Now that the cub is a few months old, Bai Yun has started taking him out of the den into the surrounding bedroom space. Trips out of the den are Bai Yun’s way of exposing the cub to new experiences, sights, and sounds. Most of the time she keeps him cradled in her arms, but on occasion she sets him down and encourages him to crawl.

All indication are that the little cub is happy and healthy!