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Return of the Wolf

Earlier this week we saw ghostly footage of a lone wolf on the banks of the Brooks River in Katmai National Park.  A new sighting has been captured from our Bear Cam.

The clip begins with a hulking bear front and center, sitting in the river and presumably finishing a meal. It then stand up and walks out of frame.  Moments later, a wolf is hot on the trail sniffing every surface, hoping to pick up any fish scraps the bear may have left behind.

At this point in the season, as we head into late fall and winter, bears’ primary source of food – salmon –  are becoming more scarce, leading the bears to hibernate until next spring. The wolves, however, will get by anything they’re able to capture.

Apparently this wolf has been spotted on the Lower River cam on several recent evenings, so tune in to see for yourself live!

Watch the highlight below:

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