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Charlie & Kaley

Rescue Dogs of the Day – Kaley & Charlie

We recently called out to you to share pics of your shelter dogs, and the responses have been incredibly heartwarming. So we’re featuring your puppy pics and stories as you send them in. Dog-lover Jenny shared snaps of her own two rescue animals and provided a few words about them:

Hi! I am attaching photos of my two shelter dogs, Kaley, a 12-ish year old beagle mix, and Charlie (who is a girl with a boy name!), a 3 year old black lab. I love them so much and could not imagine life without them. Both of them were house trained and knew how to sit when I adopted them. Charlie can sit and stay.

A little story on Charlie, I picked her up on April 16, 2013, the day after the Boston Marathon bombings. I am an avid runner and several of my friends were there. I took the tragic event really hard and was really down and depressed, but Charlie was my angel and absolutely saved me. She could be a therapy dog, she always knows when I am distressed. I love my rescue babies and will always adopt!
Jenny Wilkes


Thank you so much for sharing, Jenny! Let’s see a couple more pics of the doggy duo: Kaley on the left, Charlie on the right.

Kaley & Charlie_Fotor

Keep sending in photos and stories of your rescued friends and we’ll feature many of them here. Want your own rescue story? Come see who Animal Wellness Foundation has available to take home!

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