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Rachel Says, “What?!”

Those are my babies?! From egg to fledge in no time flat on our Osprey Live Cam. Young Ospreys make their first migration alone, instinctively knowing where to go without instruction from parents; some Florida Ospreys are non-migratory, staying on territory throughout the year. Poole, Pan and Pia, who are fast-growing and will soon test their wings, will take leave from Maine at the end of the summer.

Check out the field guide from AllAboutBirds.com (bottom of page) to learn more about spotting and identifying Ospreys in flight, sex and age.

Fast Fact: 

  • The name “Osprey” made its first appearance around 1460, via the Medieval Latin phrase for “bird of prey” (avis prede). Some wordsmiths trace the name even further back, to the Latin for “bone-breaker”—ossifragus.