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Puffins court by "billing".

Puffins are back for an all-new season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – spring, when the Puffins return to Seal Island! More great news, the Puffin Burrow Cam is live again, featuring a pair of puffin parents nesting with an egg.

The colony of colorful Atlantic Puffins has spent the winter far out at sea. Now they’ve returned to Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, 18 miles south of Rockland, Maine to pair up with their life partners and raise chicks, tending to one egg per nest. Steve Kress, Director of Project Puffin, believes last year’s pair Phoebe and Finn have returned home to this burrow. Both are banded, so we’ll need to read those first for confirmation.

The Burrow Cam puts us in the home of a puffin family, presenting a unique and intimate view of their nest-life. We’ll watch them share parenting duties, with both mom and dad incubating the egg and feeding their chick freshly caught fish.Purrin Burrow2_Fotor

And explore will soon go live with our other Puffin Cams from the Loafing Ledge and Boulder Berm. Both take us out on the rocky surface of Seal Island to catch the whole puffin colony greeting, billing, and courting each other. We’ll also see other nesting seabirds like razorbills, murres, and arctic terns  Not to mention out of this world sunrises and sunsets.

Come join the puffin community in front of the cameras, and the puffin fans commenting and sharing snapshots of the vibrant colony!

EXPLORE The Complete – Puffin Live Camera Experience