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Polar Bear Tracker Up and Running!

The Polar Bears International Bear Tracker is finally back on track and should be posting regular updates weekly. We would like to thank the explore.org community for their patience while we worked out kinks on our new website.

For those who may have missed some updates this fall, we have good news about one of our favorite bears, Ursula. Ursula is currently pregnant and denning in Wapusk National Park, but is without a collar. Her collar released this fall prior to entering the den, but not before she was spotted by biologists looking fat and happy with berry-stained fur. We hope Ursula has a successful pregnancy and expect her to exit her den in the next 1-2 months with a new cub or two by her side.

Not as many females are being collared in this region currently, so we will be following fewer bears this year. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t learn some amazing things. Keep an eye on the Bear Tracker throughout the season to watch the movements of these animals as they hunt their main prey, seals. We’ll see them back on land this summer when the sea ice in Hudson Bay melts away.

If you’re missing Churchill, don’t forget the amazing Northern Lights Cam that runs year round and offers some spectacular views of the region!