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panda mom and cub

Ooooh, denied!

Panda Bear Mom Will NOT Share Her Bread (Video)

Mother panda Xi Mei of Bifengxia Panda Center in Ya’an, China has a savory hunk of bread and nobody else is getting any. That includes Xi Mei’s daughter Xi Li who tries with all of her might for a morsel of the yeasty treat only to be kept at arm’s length. This highlight video is four and half minutes of cringe-inducing hilarity as poor Xi Li attempts an approach at every angle for a little bit of loaf. She seems to give up and gnaw at grass, but the aroma of baked goods renders bamboo a second-class snack at best. Xi Mei responds, “Talk to the panda hand.” The funniest moment of the highlight is one worth sticking around for as Xi Mei gobbles up her treat once and for all, leaving Xi Li wanting.  None for you, dear. Check it out:

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