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Owls of North America: Short- & Long-eared Owls

Named after its prominent “ear” tufts, the Long-eared Owl (abbreviated LEOW) is a medium-sized owl that travels lightly on the wing.

The Short-eared Owl is a close relative of the Long-eared, and is also a medium-sized owl. For its body, it has a “relatively long wings, and tiny, often concealed ear-tufts set near the centre of the forehead,” (Owl Pages).

Fast Facst: One of only a handful of owl species that roost communally during the winter, Long-eared Owls nest in groups of 2-20, although records exist of 100 or more, (Owl Institute). Unlike the “Long-eareds (Asio otus), Short-eared Owls inhabit untended fields where grasses and shrubs can protect adults and chicks alike, as well as provide grains and seed to the rodents the birds prey upon, (Owl Foundation).

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