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Osprey Naming Contest!

If you have been tuning into the Audubon Osprey Boat House cam, then you have probably seen a sweet osprey couple lay their first egg! This osprey couple is new to the area and nest and therefore are unnamed by us viewers.

Snapshot by Swallowtail

We, along with Audubon Society, would love to hear your nominations (or rather nameinations!) for what the mighty fine couple should be called!

Snapshot by CamOp Leslie

Submit your names below and upvote the nominations you like the most! Mods/CamOps will decide by Wednesday, May 17th, at 6pm PT! 

  • Deane

    Lucy and Ricky

    • kalcat

      Lucy (and sometimes Ricky or Desi) are the osprey names used at the live cam Pink Shell osprey nest in Ft. Myers, Florida.

      • Skybird

        Also the names of the Osprey in lake Murray, SC.

      • Deane

        Oops! Lol

  • Deane

    Ethel and Fred

    • chillin

      I like the neighbor theme here!

  • Tweetylady

    Since they are the friendly neighbors, I like a suggestion made by Teezee to name them Betty and Barney. And Betty and Barney Boathouse sounds nice!

    • Teezee

      Thanks Tweety I also just said Betty and Bob too.
      Betty and Barney were the Flinstones neighbors and loved the Flinstones when I was little.

  • Iris Delgado

    Will and Grace

  • Misty Higgins

    Elvis and Priscilla

  • http://explore.org/ explore.org

    If you see a name you like, please upvote it!

    • Sherrie P

      Can you only vote for one?

      • jordy

        I hope not, cuz I’ve “liked” at least five of the suggestions! I think the idea is to “like” or “upvote” any and all names you “like.” ~~from beak, being forced to use my Disqus handle “jordy”.

      • http://explore.org/ explore.org

        You can upvote as many names as you like.

  • Joan Siegrist

    I like Teezee’s suggestion of Betty and Barney Boathouse

    • Teezee

      Thanks Joan.

  • Tracey2

    Chandler (Robbins) & Sylvia (Earle)

    • O in T

      A chandler is, additionally, a dealer in supplies and equipment for ships and boats. The Queen Mary building on Hog Island was a chandlery at one time. So there is a historical connection and meaning with the name.

      • Tracey2

        Thank you. I did not know that!

    • Diane R

      Thanks Tracey – I posted these several days ago on chat. I like the idea of naming the ospreys to honor people who have made a difference for wildlife and for the planet.

  • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

    Emily after Emily Dickinson, long-standing friend of Mabel Loomis Todd. And Austin, Emily’s brother, whom Mabel had an affair with.

    • AF-England

      Maddi, what about Mabel and Todd, love the name Todd for the male!

      • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

        We already named an osprey Mabel (2013 clutch). Todd would be a good name.

  • Skybird

    I would love the names Benny and Joon!

  • palurien

    PETE for Roger Tory Petersen and FLO for Florence Merriam Bailey, credited for writing the first known bird guide, Birds Through an Opera Glass

    • Tracey2

      We already named a chick Tory. Just saying. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

      • Poppy

        But no Pete ;-))

        • Tracey2

          That’s true.

  • JoniT@NC

    Mr. Boathouse and Mrs. Boathouse……

  • Marlene

    Actually, I sort of like Mr. and Mrs. Boathouse (BH for short in typing)

    • Tracey2

      I think you will want to upvote the suggestion below, in that case.

  • CaseyTimothy James-Pew

    Wilma and Fred

  • Jessica Simpson

    Seeing and Believing

  • chillin

    Wayne and Louise (the real Steve and Rachel’s middle names)

  • annpollak

    JJ and LB …. John J. Audubon and Lucy Bakewell Audubon.

  • Elisheva Basha

    Mr. Boat and Mrs. House

  • seagee

    I’d like to suggest two amazing photographers of wildlife, and especially birds.


    Melissa Groo, faculty member at Hog Island’s Arts camp and major award-winner.
    Name could be Melissa or Melly.

    And Tim Gallagher, editor-in-chief of Living Bird, publication of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Major awards and five bird books.

    Both are conservationists and keepers of all things natural.

  • Teezee

    Betty and Barney

  • Teezee

    Betty and Bob
    I like the alliteration, and it reminds us of what nest they are from.

  • Julia Glueckauf Gray

    George & Martha

  • Poppy

    Please make sure to up-vote the suggestions you like!

  • 4meowsmom-MA

    They’ve kind of already been dubbed Mr. & Mrs. Boathouse or
    Mr. & Mrs. B for short and I love that : )

  • Pipersmom

    Mae -for Mae West–(well she did like the gentleman callers!) and Louis-as is Man in the Iron Mask–as we were never really sure who was courting dear Mae–or was it two different males or the same male?

    • Tweetylady

      Louis might be confusing, there is already a famous Louis in the Hellgate nest.

  • Lily from CT

    I like Mike and Molly.

  • W Lorraine Watkins

    Hope and Promise

  • BuffyMax

    because it is the boathouse, how about Josiah and Eleanore.
    The FLYING COUD, a Gold Rush era clippership was commanded by Captain Josiah Creesy from 1851-1855. Eleanor Creesy sailed with her husband throughout his career and served as his navigator.

  • kalcat

    I’m content with Mr. and Mrs. Boathouse (abbreviated BH) but if we need to go with people names I’d suggest–echoing Boat and House: Bonnie and Howie.

    • austintch

      Maybe Beau and Howie. And baby Dory.

  • Naturelvr

    Betty and Barney and then the first chick can be called Bam Bam!

    • Donna Friedt-Gyulay

      I like the “Betty” and “Barney”… “B” for the boathouse pair. However, any babies don’t need to begin with a “B”.

    • batgiggles


    • Tweetylady

      I like BamBam!

  • Andee in SC

    Lin and Larry, after a famous sailing couple Lin and Larry Pardey who circle the world on their sailboat.

  • Lucinda Gugala

    Joanna and Dean from the movie Overboard…

  • Poppy

    On behalf of Jean Bradley: How about Tre and Gem (Like French for the third one on the nest and the female could be Gem like a Gemstone for being nice to both suitors!!.) Just a thought. Jean Bradley (Florida)

    • jordy

      To Jean — Very sadly, we unofficially called one of Rachel and Steve’s chicks “Tre” (which is actually a Latin prefix, not French). And that precious chick was taken by an eagle, very early in her life.) :((

  • bonnibell

    Bob and Beatrice

  • sue

    I agree with kalcat mr and mrs bh

  • Birdy

    Betsey for B and Hank or Henry for H. We already call the Mr. and Mrs BH.

    • sue

      right, that’s why I like the names

  • Sharon

    Ossie and harriet

  • Woodzi

    Juanita (for the Friends of Hog Island President) and Ansel (for Ansel Adams)

    • kalcat

      Juanita would be a good choice for the female but I’d suggest Chandler for the male. Chandler Robbins (sometimes called Chan by his friends) was a very respected ornithologist who died recently at age 98,

  • Prickly Pear

    Bristol (female) and Bremen (male).

  • http://albatrosskauai.org Hob Osterlund

    Dinghy. Either gender.

    • Poppy

      Actually, we are trying to find names for the new Boathouse osprey couple. So we need no gender-neutral names, on the contrary.

      • colleen siebe

        I nominate Pier and Dock for these Osprey!

  • karen lyons kalmenson

    ozzy for the male and ozmerelda for his lady

  • Gracia

    Sara & Dipity for serendipity for good fortune—luck.

  • laura

    Millicent (milly) and Todd

    • Poppy

      Actually, Hog Island and the premises where the boathouse is located, are parts of the Todd Wildlife Sanctuary.

      • laura

        Yes I was looking at name of folks who had an impact on the area and those were two I came up.

        • Poppy

          Mabel, one of 2013’s chicks was named after the daughter of Millicent.

  • Carolyn

    Using the Boat House initials, either Bo/Beau and Hope or Boyd and Holly.

  • Log On

    Audrey and Bon

  • snitles

    Captain and Tennielle

    • willowfeather

      I love this name selection I vote for Captain & Tennielle

      • jordy

        you need to upvote it willowfeather, if you want that name :) — click on the “up arrow” underneath the suggestion …

  • Barbara

    Thurston and Lovey (from Gilligan’s Island) He was a boat captain. Always wore his yachting captains hat.

  • Larry

    Tippy and Canoo

  • Suzanne Marienau

    Gilligan & The Skipper

  • musums

    Steve and Rachel

    • jordy

      LOLOL!!!! now, THAT wouldn’t be confusing at all ;-D

  • Helen

    Bonnie & Clyde

  • lbanker11

    Mr & Mrs Boathouse or BH for short..as we have been calling them for the last few weeks :-)

    • Poppy

      Are you intending to win the contest again, Lala?

      • lbanker11

        There are several others who also have chosen this.. :-) We will need to figure who first coined the phrase..likely Homebird lol..

        • Homebird

          I definitely claim that first! 😉

  • EricaMaxine Weiner Price

    Rowboat, Jetski, paddle

  • Linda Matuskey

    I like Rob for the male (for Rob Bierregaard, our Raptor expert) and Juanita (for the heart and soul of Hog Island Audubon Camp)

  • Poppy

    Please, don’t forget to upvote the nominations you like the most!

  • Rosane Raduan

    Pink &Floyd

  • Joanne Arnst

    Dingy – like in the little boat

  • Barbara mallick

    I like Captain and Tennile

  • Paul Clandorf

    Dinghy would be a good name.

  • MinD

    Darren and Samantha….but you can call her Sam ; )

  • Cynthia Baughan

    Boris and Dee

  • Capy

    Blake and Hilde meaning “Defending battle maiden.”

  • Meffa MA. US

    In the absence of anything more relevant I’ll look to the classics. From ancient Egypt; Nut – goddess of the sky for the female and Shu – god of the wind and air for her mate. From the Greeks; Elpis – spirit of hope and expectation for the female and for the male, Soter – male spirit of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm. I like Nut and Shu.

  • Poppy

    MEDIC311 32 minutes ago
    Poppy could you please enter mine. I like the name Chandler but I also love the name Aspen in honor of the young lady who found Bierre last season. Chandler/Aspen my choices

    • Skybird

      I love the name Aspen but don’t you think it should be saved for one of Rachels chicks since she is the one who lost Spirit.

  • laura

    also like Rachel and Roger

    • jordy

      Rachel is the name of the Osprey female on the Hog Island nest.

  • Maxine Fultz

    How about Heart and Soul? The babies name should wait until we know if it is a boy or a girl.

  • Debi Domby

    There’s another pair of osprey that they don’t name … I’ve been calling them Oscar and Olivia (for the “O” in osprey…. I know not very origina. Thought of Cat & Fisher … or Misty and Sylvan (it’s two boat mfg)

  • Lucinda Gugala

    Joanna and Dean from the Overboard movie!

  • Paulette

    Olive , Oscar and baby Ollie

    • Poppy

      We are tryin to find names for the adult boathouse couple. no chicks’ names

  • Sue

    I would mane these osprey Bob and Bee Thank You.

    • Drew

      ! My favorites so far!

      Could call the baby “Little B”

      • Poppy

        We had a Little B already, last year on Hog Island’s nest. Little B. for Bierre.

        • Drew

          Oh dang! How about Cogsworth!?

          • Regina from Hamburg

            Well, that is a jump!

        • cmolander

          We had Little and Big, too. ;(

  • Noran Warot

    Nick and Nora

  • Cassketch

    Tempest and Riptide

  • CamOp_Bandit

    In honor of CamOp Doug, I wld like to name the male “Mr KoolBeans” – or “HowdyHowdy”.

    • Poppy

      I like that idea, Bandit. But these long names are hard to handle on the daily chat. How about simply Doug?

      • lolo53

        Or KoolBeans ?

        • Poppy

          That was, what Bandit suggested as well.

      • CamOp_Bandit

        “Doug” works for me –

  • Becky Kimberling

    Gumbe and Pokee

  • Gabrielle D. Peak

    Marina Boathouse ( if female) or Mortimer Boathouse.

  • Naturelvr

    Florence (or Flo) for Florence Merriam (famous ornithologist and founding member of DC Audubon) and Charlie (for Charles Darwin or Charlie Annenberg).

    • Kwaahu

      Isn’t Charlie the name of the Charlo nest male?

      • Naturelvr

        I don’t know! I don’t follow that nest.

      • LR

        Yes. Charlie & Charlotte are from the Charlo nest.

  • Arlene

    Bogey and Lauren (for Bacall)

  • Jenni Reis

    Lucy and Ricky?

    • foolkillersfancy

      Pink Shell Ospreys are Lucy and Ricky.

  • westieboy

    Zephyr & Tuuli (Tuuli means the Wind also)

  • Diane

    Romeo and Juliet

    • jordy

      That’s the names of the famous eagles on one of the Eagle nests :)

      • Diane

        Who new? Thanks for the info. So romantic. Lol

        • jordy

          Very romantic indeed!! lol! It’s “beak” here, by the way, under the “Disqus” name of jordy.
          Are you one of the Dianes I know? Are you Diane R? :))
          Whomever we are — your suggestions are a nice testament to what a great idea it was to name them Romeo and Juliet. You couldn’t have known because the wildlife cam there, In Florida, is not part of the explore cams. Those eagles have captured many hearts, and apparently just “on March 2, 2017, their eaglet chick Hope became the youngest eaglet to fledge this nest, at only 10 weeks 2 days old.” here’s the link to Romeo and Juliet’s nest : https://www.nefleaglecam.org/

          • Diane

            I am Diane R but I am new to this gig. I am a novice birder but am very interested in their behavior.
            I have a serious brother birder in Olympia and he indulges my naïveté about the birding world. When he visits I try to pay attention as much as I can. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. All my bird friends make my life a better place.
            Sunny day finally in MA.

  • Lisa Deckert

    Cletis & Calamity , OR His Name ; Manannan Mac Lir – from Irish and Celtic mythology
    Often seen as a gull, Manannan Mac Lir is the god of the sea. This god is also considered a trickster, an ideal association for gulls since these intelligent birds often play tricks on one another, such as stealing prey or just playing games. Manannan Mac Lir is honored in the hopes of bountiful fishing and safe sea passage. Her’s ; Morrigan – from Irish mythology
    Morrigan is the Irish goddess of war, hunting and battle, with connections to death and protection as well. This goddess is often seen as a crow, and a crow flying over battlefields is considered a positive omen. Crow feathers or symbols may be used as good luck charms on weaponry in honor of Morrigan. Just a thought …

    • Wordwizard

      The Irish goddess of war, hunting and battle is known as The Morrigan, not “Morrigan.”

  • Lisa Deckert

    Ospreys are considered a type of eagle in many Native American tribes, and are accorded the same respect bald and golden eagles are. In coastal tribes where ospreys are most commonly seen, they sometimes play ‘police’ or guardian roles in traditional legends, and seeing one is sometimes considered to be a warning of danger to come. In other legends, Fish-Hawk (Osprey) is a character noted for his pride or even arrogance. The Nez Perce considered Fish-Hawk a medicine bird, and seeing an osprey in a dream or vision was a sign that a man had been granted spiritual power as a healer.

  • Artemis

    Since I am a traditionalist, I suggest, for the osprey couple nesting opposite the Bay, Carson for him (for Rachel Carson), and Kris for her (for Steve Kress)

    • Kwaahu

      I had also thought of Carson for him, early on.

      • Artemis

        Great minds …!

  • Jan the Osprey Fan-MO
  • Marcia Coulter

    Barnacle and Bay.

    • jordy

      Barnacle is kind of adorable for the male — bc he’d be “Barney” for short.

      • Marcia Coulter

        Thank you

    • Wordwizard

      Short for Barnacle Bill Bailey, and Bay Bailey. They’d still be Mr. and Mrs. B. that way!

      • Marcia Coulter


    • Kathy C

      Love it!

      • Marcia Coulter


  • Brenny

    Seabreeze (aka Breeze) and Gladwing

  • Janet Julien

    Kelpie and Selkie

  • Patsy17

    Ben and Bertha

  • mksunguide

    Whoop and Shoop

  • Kayla

    Sole & Luna (Sun and Moon) Stella for the chick (Star)

  • Diane Argenzio

    Boy names Seamour, Bayou = slow small stream in Choctaw. Female names Brooke, Brenna = Gaelic for little drop of water

  • docbentley

    Elizabeth and Essex for the parents, and Lord Nelson for the chick.

  • Poppy

    At the moment we are asking for name suggestions for the osprey couple only. The chicks will be named after their hatch and when their survival is most likely. In a contest, of course, for each nest separately.

  • Donna de Wildt

    Personally, I am sentimentally attached to formally naming the Boathouse couple “Mr. and Mrs. B.” From the beginning of their romancing when it became obvious that one suitor (of two) was seemingly winning Mrs. B’s heart, the majority of the Boathouse chirpers have been referring to this couple by this moniker.

    “Mr. and Mrs. B” sounds downright DownEast Maine neighborly….a couple I would love to have next door. They are a fabulous addition to the Muscongus Bay community.

    Now for next season, let’s encourage the building of a frame for a third nest, and put out a sizeable real estate sign in OspreySpeak, (a picture of a species of fish favorable to the Osprey palate) inviting migrating Ospreys to swoop in for a respite and check the accommodations out. We just might get a down payment on the place straightaway.

    Just a thought….

  • Jane Martin

    I like Skipper and MaryAnne for the parents and Skippy for the chick.

  • Carol Stevens

    Being from near Seattle, I vote for Ivar, lol

  • Sandi Trundle

    John and Abigail for John and Abigail Adams

  • Barb Pleczynski-Glassboro,NJ
  • Donna de Wildt

    Good evening to my chirper friends, I can’t stay as it.s too busy at work, but I wanted to take a minute to add my choice of names to our new Boathouse family. (Refer to my post below) It was wonderful that Mrs. B., as I love to call this majestic raptor, returned this season for a second look at the Muscongus Bay nest she investigated last year, but did not put a down payment on. This year, she loved the place Eric created and moved right in. She’s young, and obviously experiencing a learning curve on how to be properly courted, and how to take care of her very first egg. But she will get there, we must be patient, and loving.

    We will learn their style of osprey behaviors right along with them. It’s going to be a very captivating season watching our Osprey neighborhood families interact with each other in their own way.

    Continue to post the fabulous still shots and drama filled video clips that you always do so those of us who can’t be here, can swoop in and catch up on the happenings at the Nests when we have a spare moment.

    Must run…..

  • Audrey Petzold

    Hansel and Gretel

  • Alan Myers

    Well, if they are called Mr and Mrs Boathouse, why not call the chick Philly? Since Boathouse Row is located in Philadelphia, I think It will suit the chick nicely. Plus, the name could work for a male or female.

    • Poppy

      But we need a male AND a female name at this point, Alan, since we are naming the adult osprey couple. A contest for chicks, not eggs, will follow, as soon as it is quite certain, that they will survive.

      • Alan Myers

        Oh, ok. Sorry, I misunderstood. How about Betty and Ben for Betty Ross and Ben Franklin since they too are in Philly to add on to the Philadelphia theme. ???

  • Marie Elaine Hedrick

    Molly and Jeff

  • Kwaahu

    When the different males were competing for her “hand,” so to speak, I thought something flighty would be fitting. But, when she laid the egg, looked so surprised, perplexed and “shell-shocked,” (pun intended), I thought about Pauline, for the “Perils of Pauline.” She seemed like a teenager “in trouble,” as we used to say.
    Personally, I like Mrs and Mr Boathouse. Gives them a kind of respect and dignity that I am hoping they grow into.

  • Pat McKay

    I, too, like Mr. and Mrs. B.

  • Monarchlady

    Mr. & Mrs. Boathouse

  • marcella gallardo

    Mr & Mrs B

  • deborah powers

    Sho-sho-ka for the young one. It’s native American for Osprey

  • Joan Chandler

    I like Lucy and Lou! Cute names for a cute couple.

  • Christine Crosby

    Ossie and Harriet…

    • Wordwizard

      Ozzie (or Ozzy) is the obvious choice for an osprey. The chick-to-be should be Egbert, until it hatches, and becomes Bert or Bertha.

  • I<3Nature

    Bonnie and Clyde (because of their antics)

    • seagee

      They were murdering bank robbers! NO!

  • I<3Nature

    Fred and Ginger

  • Sarah Hartman

    Fred and Daphne

  • cmolander

    Gil and Jo
    Names to honor two people who helped bring back the population of osprey to the southcoast of Massachusetts, Gilbert and Josephine Fernandez. They donated their property to MA Audubon. Today, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary personnel and interns monitor and care for the osprey nesting sites. Some of the same platforms Gil placed along the shores of the Westport River are still in place today and used by osprey.
    Please see the following articles about the couple and a children’s book Gil wrote:

    • Mary Daly

      A fitting tribute. You’ve got my vote!

      • Linda G Massachusetts

        You need to up-vote cmolander’s suggestion for your vote to count. That’s the up arrow at the bottom of her post. You can vote for more than 1.

        • kalcat

          From reading the text up top–I don’t think the decision will involve a count of votes exactly. The decision will be made by a consensus of Mods and CamOps who will of course study the forum discussion and gain an impression of what would be considered good names.

          • Regina from Hamburg

            However, we were asked to upvote our favorites…

          • cmolander

            Thanks for the clarification, Regina

        • cmolander

          Thanks for your support, Linda! I’d love to show you, in person, some of those actual nests mentioned.

          • Linda G Massachusetts

            And I’d love to see them.

      • cmolander

        Thank you, Mary!

    • jordy

      Gilbert and Josephine, Gil and Joe, meaningful and adorable! I’ve voted for 12 or 14 names by now– and the popular vote will win. You all are so clever and inspired. The Boathouses would be honored if they knew. lol.

      • cmolander

        Thanks, jordy 😉

  • Kate

    Audrey and Bon

    • kalcat

      Audrey is the name of the Chesapeake osprey.

    • chillin

      Could always go Audie and Bonnie

  • borahood

    Louis and Molly. Looking at notable Penobscot names.

    Louis Sockalexis, the first Native American to play in major league baseball.
    Molly Spotted Elk (Mary Alice “Molly Dellis” Nelson Archambaud), 1903–1977, internationally known dancer who starred in the classic film, The Silent Enemy (1930), written and produced by Douglas Burden.[19]

    • kalcat

      Louis is the name of one of the Hellgate ospreys.

      • foolkillersfancy

        Also named for a native American Louis Adams, a Salish Elder on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Louis the osprey appeared the day after Mr. Adams passed away.

  • hooked (sue)

    Sugar and Spice
    Easy to remember and sweet Osprey names!

  • Elisa Monterroso

    Bert and gertie

  • Charles Gagné

    Buzz and Ozzy

  • Poppy

    emejing 3 hours ago
    Hi Poppy, Please add my vote for Mr & Mrs Boathouse. Thank you

  • Poppy

    Nancy Bennett 2 hours ago
    Me too [Mr. and Mrs. Boathouse, that is] if it matters-that’s the name we have come to know them by

  • Kari Watkins

    Oliver & Olive. :)

  • Anne Griffin-Lewin

    Ozzie and Harriet.

    • Wordwizard

      Ozzie (or Ozzy) is the obvious choice for an osprey. The chick-to-be would be Egbert, until it hatches, and becomes Bert or Bertha.

      • Deane

        Bert is one of the Osprey pair in Alabama (Josie and Elbert).

        • Wordwizard

          Elbert is not plain Bert. Would you prefer Albert?

    • nmc

      These were the names of the bald eagles in SWFL.

      • foolkillersfancy

        Now Harriet and M15. We lost Ozzie almost two years ago too,

    • foolkillersfancy

      Harriet of Dunroven Ranch had a mate Ozzie who was killed by a BE 2 years ago. She now has a new mate, Hal (for Hallelujah she has a mate!) But they are an Osprey couple.

  • Poppy

    Zibrida 4 hours ago If it the BH names everyone is commenting on, why can’t Mr and Mrs Boathouse names stay as Mr and Mrs Boathouse? That is their names ow.
    Why change or fix it if it’s not broken? Those ARE their names.

  • Poppy

    Joev 10 hours ago

    Thinking about Noah and Olivia for the Boathouse?

  • Vox Independens

    Wash and Zoe.

  • Uffe

    Why not Malkolm and Nimon

  • Jacquiline Bunting

    The Chick JUST has to be called BOATY!
    Full pedigree name, BOATY McBOATHOUSE!

  • Homebird

    Mr and Mrs Boathouse, it’s what they answer to! 😉

    • CrystalMoon

      I agree with the formal names of Mr and Mrs Boathouse, always liked that,but for first name, for the female it was brought up in chat “Dotty” I think that would be perfect cause of the dots in her eyes that make her unique. Still thinking about Mr. B :-)

      • kalcat

        If we need full names I suggest Bonnie and Howie Boathouse.

  • Oliver

    Mulan & Li Shang

  • Lor Amma

    Freedom and Spirit

    • jordy

      Spirit was the name of Rachel’s youngest chick who was snatched away by an Eagle last year. :(((((

  • Lisa

    Richard and Virginia Boathouse 😀

  • Regina from Hamburg

    I am fine with Mr. and Mrs. Boathouse, or short Mr. and Mrs. B.

    However, there are many wonderful suggestions, that we should keep in mind for the new chicks on either side of Muscongus Sound. My favorites for R&S’s chicks are Aspen and Ellis, the full name of the Project Puffin volunteer, who spotted Little B after he prematurely fledged due to the eagle attack, last year. She deserves the honor.

    I also like the idea, naming one of the chicks Doug, after our late cam-op extaordinaire, Doug “Mr. Koolbeans” Vaughn.

    Anyway, this time, the Boathouses are in the focus or the naming contest. We surely will have a new opportunity for the chicks to be, on either nest, as the season progresses..

  • Puffinette

    I would like to keep them as Mr and Mrs B.

  • Lynda Nixon

    Samson and Delilah

  • Bonnie Deneke

    I would like to submit Oscar and Minnie. Those are the names my mother gave to two hawks that lived close by when I was growing up. Bonnie

  • Ralph

    Name it Dinghy!

  • Doreen Kruger

    Breaker – as the origin of Osprey apparently means Bone-breaker. Not sure of the validity :) and Hali from Pandion haliaetus

  • trailblazer

    Captain B & Lila

  • Teezee

    Bee and Ben
    Bs for Boathouse.

  • Kathy C

    Someone below submitted Barnacle and Bay, which I think is great!

  • BMDdad

    been away a few days and just seen this. Has anyone suggested the name …. Breeze ……. yet?

  • Reese

    Zeus and Hera Boathouse
    God of the sky and Goddess of marriage, mothers, and family

  • Dotti Moore

    How about Twiggy and Rocky

    • C.L. Morgan

      Like it!

  • brosati

    Claire and Jamie

  • Lynn

    Pongo & perdita (101 Dalmatians)

    • Barb Pleczynski-Glassboro,NJ

      I was thinking that too, my son watched the movie again yesterday and it came to mind.

  • Arlene Rockwood Hall

    hoogie & stella

  • zoe dalila

    Dan and Dalila

  • zoe dalila

    Oscar and Olivia

  • zoe dalila

    Ralph and Rachel

    • jordy

      Rachel is the name of the famous female Osprey on this Hog Island Cam.

  • zoe dalila

    Gregg and Gracie

  • zoe dalila

    Charlotte and Charles

    • Regina from Hamburg

      The Charlo ospreys are named Charie and Charlotte, also an Explore

  • zoe dalila

    Mary and Larry

  • borahood

    Updating..going with Neptune and Molly…

    John Neptune (1767-1865) was a powerful shaman and sagamore of the
    Penobscot who served as Lieutenant Governor of the tribe for 50 years,
    shaping the social and political history of the tribe (Eckstorm 1980).
    Molly Molasses (1775-1867), real name Mary Pelagie (or Balassee)
    Nicolar, was known to everyone as Molly Molasses. She was born in a
    Penobscot camp in today’s Bangor, a powerful shaman who would heal the
    sick but also put a curse on those who angered her (Brown 2008).

  • CrystalMoon

    Mr. & Mrs. Dinghy and Dotty Boathouse :-)
    Dinghy for the Mr cause of the dinghy boat that is always in sight and Dotty for the Mrs. unique dots on her eyes :-)

    • Nikki69

      Cute names!

  • Sammie

    I like Bella and Beau; Bella because she’s so beautiful and Beau because he seems like a real sweetheart!

  • Ryan Nyberg

    How about Jason and Jenny?

  • Regina

    On the silly side, how about Ginger and Gilligan?

    • Regina from Hamburg

      Hi Regina! Nice to make your acqaintance!

    • Nikki69

      I like those names!

  • Arthur Iannelli

    Ozzie & Harriet!

  • carolyndennison

    Michelle & Barack. Ospreys are my favorite raptors.

    • Nikki69

      <3 those names!!

    • Alice Bretz Kaffel

      Please, NOOOOO!

  • Missinlilbit

    Dotty and Hank – they seem like old souls

  • Brenda Gaitens


  • RickIntheGreatSW

    Ova & Osip

  • Tee Uff

    Avery and Hudson after my little nature explorers who apparently lack imagination in the naming department https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b21d1981441846cf1fc5702f67f7402773fb6bf6757b4bf5a2a5f756998047d7.jpg

  • lynndvm

    Mr. Bob Boathouse and his lovely wife Mrs Betty Boathouse. ( Mr and Mrs B for short)

  • Carolyn Rothwell

    Ozzie and Harriette

  • kikibird

    Hercules and Delilah

  • Suzanne Thompson

    Citrine and Caesar

  • Jacalyn M DiCello

    Bonnie & Clyde

    • Jacalyn M DiCello

      I still think I like Mr.& Mrs. Boathouse

  • Kathy Snyder

    Barney and Betty (from the Flintstones)

    • Kathy Bellman Tinoco

      I love the sound of Barney and Betty Boathouse.

  • Piwi

    Boathouse Bonnie & Clyde

  • Jane Tatlock

    John and Lucy (Audubon)

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  • 2pointers

    Dottie & Dave (for Mrs. BH’s dotty eyes)
    Fred & Claire (because I like the names)
    Bob & Betty (a second of lynndvm’s vote)
    Bella & Beau is great as well

    • Alice Bretz Kaffel

      I really like Bella & Beau!!

  • Bob Cooper

    I siggested Bob and Betty too over a month ago so that is my vote too.

  • Regina from Hamburg

    Bklynboy 29 minutes ago
    because of technical problems I can’t sign in @ naming contest, however I would submit Bay and Bertha Boathouse. and good morning to all

  • Rori from South Carolina,U.S.

    sol and Luna

  • Rori from South Carolina,U.S.

    I suggested these names because they are the sun and moon. So cherished like all our families on these great cams.

  • vabirdy

    4-year lurker, signed up just to say, “I really think of them as Mr. and Mrs. Boathouse, so that’s my suggestion!”

    • Regina from Hamburg

      Welcone to the community, vabirdy! Today seems to be the day for “silent lurkers” becoming a voice. We already met two on the chat. So, three is a lucky number ;-))

    • cmolander

      Welcome to the chat!

  • Linda G Massachusetts

    I have up-voted several names … there are some really great suggestions. I see a lot of people have said to keep it Mr. & Mrs. Boathouse. I feel like they need 1st names but I agree they need to keep the Mr. & Mrs. as well.

  • Tx Nite

    Ossie and ostin

  • shutmymouth

    Skiff and Tug!

  • Patricia E. Lanning

    Dory (Dorie) and Skiff.
    Because these two are both users of a boathouse.

  • Claire Holton-Lizon

    Otis and Olivia~~~

  • Misty Higgins

    Elvis and Priscilla

  • http://explore.org/ explore.org

    Today is the last day, get your nominations and votes in ASAP!

  • Poppy

    Robinette17Poppy I can’t access the naming blog so can you please put these in: Louise and Clark. Thanks.

  • frankieB

    Mr and Mrs Boathouse, or Mr and Mrs BH.

  • Danny Schromen

    Jack and Wendy Torrance ( only fitting to use main characters from The Shining by thee Mr. Stephen King)

    • Danny Schromen

      Mr. & Mrs. Torrance

    • Woodsy

      Nice avatar, Danny!

      • Danny Schromen

        Ty. Go Cubs!

  • Andy and Jocelyn

    They yam what (who) they yam: Mr. and Mrs. Boathouse. – j

  • HickoryNuts

    Mr and Mrs Boathouse

  • Poppy

    Allan 2 hours ago I like what we’ve been calling them, Mr & Mrs Boathouse.

  • Poppy

    Danny Schromen 32 minutes ago Jack and Wendy Torrance ( only fitting to use main characters from The Shining by thee Mr. Stephen King) Mr. & Mrs. Torrance

  • dtb

    I once knew a man named Boaty Boathouse.
    So for him, Boaty Boathouse or Skipper.
    For her, Tilla.

  • NestParent

    Hazel (Boathouse…with her greenish tint eyes) &
    Sticks (Boathouse… with all his nest deliveries)

  • Barbara

    Thurston & Lovey (Gilligan’s Isle) He always wore his yacht hat.
    But Mr. and Mrs. B (Boathouse) is good since we call them that already.

  • Barbara

    How about Buoy (Mr. B) and Bay (Mrs. B)

  • Jana Patton

    Bogie and Bacall

  • Chip ( Mary)

    Ozzie and Olivia

  • Adam Gratun

    Lianna and Kevin

  • Ann Haggart

    Sonny and Cher

  • MinD

    How about Thurston and Lovey!

  • Carol Smith

    Mr B & Mrs B

  • cmolander

    Thank you to all of the osprey fans here who read my post from Monday and upvoted “Gil” and “Jo” as names for the Boathouse pair. It is a great honor for me to present the idea to name them after Gilbert and Josephine Fernandez, who in 1965 began their quest to save the osprey on the southcoast of MA.

  • cmolander

    Osprey on a nesting platform from the Westport River, Westport, MA https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0d77924872c3ca2ee66a7f25682203cbecd3b0b01ffd3801d96bf09388333c88.jpg Photo by Peter Gray

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  • http://explore.org/ explore.org

    Wow, all these names are great! Thank you for submitting, CamOps/Mods will be going through them now and will let you know what they choose!

    • zoe dalila

      I posted a few more names even though late.

  • Karen Shuman

    Late !!! Osprie and Harriet.

  • zoe dalila

    which name did you choose?

  • http://secure49.com Peter Coleman

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  • zoe dalila

    Flo and Felix

  • zoe dalila

    Randy and Roxanne

  • zoe dalila

    Ziggy and Zoey

  • zoe dalila

    Max and Millie

  • zoe dalila

    Tara and Eric

  • zoe dalila

    Anthony and Cleopatra

  • zoe dalila

    Rupert and Roberta

  • zoe dalila

    Phyllis and Frank

  • zoe dalila

    Lulu and Larry

  • zoe dalila

    Pierre and Michelle

  • zoe dalila

    Arnold and Annie

  • zoe dalila

    Baxter and Bertha

  • Lynn Olivas

    Doodle & Noodle

  • Grace Sheehan

    Lake And River Lake: Male River :Female

  • rockerme4u

    Perky & Chirpy

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  • Ramesh Chandramowli

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  • Lynn

    This is for the smallest chick sho was born on a day with a lot of rain and looked lightning. So I think “stormy”