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OFSDS Weekly Update (8/24)

Construction in LDV finished and then there was the big relocation.  Big Dog Hall and the former LDV will now house a collection of large dogs from BDH and Gathering Room as well as our special needs dogs…ie ones that don’t get along with other dogs.  These dogs will now have their own exit to the outside as well as access to one of our upper fenced yards.  Little dogs are now either in Gathering Room or in the area that used to house the special needs dogs.

Dr. P with the assistance of vet tech Brooke has had a very busy week getting to know a large number of her new patients.
Reception Dogs
  • New dogs Lollipop and Ray are slowly but steadily settling in to their new home.
  • Lillian is still in intake
  • Peanut had another good week and had his picture on our Facebook page
  • The other Reception dogs had a good week.
New Arrival
  • Macy (like the store) – black lab mix
To Forever Foster
  • Timber (who recently spent most of his time with Susan in the Gift Shop)
  • Elmo is now living with Freckles and family
  • Sadie
Across the Rainbow Bridge
  • Rocco – our resident butt-head of a bull dog who had a face that everyone loved was helped across the bridge after a rapid decline in his health.
-Sally and the OFSDS Gang