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OFSDS Weekly Update (8/10)

Relatively quiet week.  Contractor working/or getting ready to work on a few small projects.

Our volunteers continue to LOVE our new washer and dryer !

Dog Updates
  • Peanut spent a pleasant week in Reception. He will be staying there for the time being.
  • Ponce also had a quiet week.  He’s mastering the art of sleeping.
  • Mousse had a benign growth removed from his chin.  He’s still in an e-collar to keep other dogs from licking the area.
  • Socks will be spending a few days in Medical as he recovers from an unexpected visit to the vet.  Last I heard there were a couple of possible causes for his vet visit.
  • Cassie and Mousse and Nelson got to spend some time at a local tradition….the Nashville Tomato Art Fest.  Thanks to Amy and Sylvia and their husbands who braved the nasty traffic to transport these Old Friends.
New Arrivals
  • Sadie – black lab mix is hanging out in Big Dog Hall
  • Callie – very pleasant black mixed breed girl with maybe some border collie
  • Maisie – another cute beagle
  • Both Callie and Maisie are in the Gathering Room
  • Elmo – a black basset hound mix
  • Wednesday – a black mixed breed with a white face
  • Both Elmo and Wednesday are still in Intake.
Life at OFDS was quiet (figuratively speaking) and relatively uncomplicated this past week…at least from the dogs’ perspective.
Sally and the OFSDS Gang