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Sherie, Photo by OFSDS

OFSDS Weekly Update (6/8)

The dog days of summer have arrived at OFSDS. Temps are in the 90’s with humidity, which mean the dogs are spending more time inside. In response to comments from explore.org chatters: yes, we do have air conditioning in all areas of GrandPaws Gardens with the exception of the warehouse! The double doors to the outside areas are left open so the dogs can come and go, but if you look carefully above these doors you will see what is called an air curtain. This air curtain blows cold air year round with enough force that most of the hot air and bugs are kept out in the summer as is the cold air kept out in the winter. Amazing little machine.

Another quiet week.

To a foster home:

  • Little Dog

Medical update:

  • Gypsy is the little terrier mix in the Gathering Room who has a mass dangling from her underside. She was scheduled to have the growth removed this week but pre-surgery x-rays showed a heart issue and the attending veterinarian was not comfortable sedating her in light of what he saw on the x-rays. So she came back to the Gardens and we will be carefully monitoring her.

The “new” dog in Reception today was Malcolm, one of my Old Friend fosters. He is half of the bonded pair of Ally and Malcolm and was at the Gardens for a grooming session with Zack. Malcolm came away from the session looking quite spiffy. Ally gave him a thorough full body sniff on his return home.


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