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OFSDS Weekly Update (5/11)

Thanks to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary,  we will be receiving weekly updates regarding the dogs at the sanctuary. Every week, Sally and OFSDS will give us a brief update on the following topics: Dementia dogs, Dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and Dogs who have found forever foster homes. Here were last week’s updates:

Dementia dogs: 

  • Hazel, PJ and Jughead held their own this week.  No changes to their status as our most fragile dementia dogs.
  • No change in status for the remainder of the Reception dogs

Dog who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge: 

  • Izzy was helped across the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday May 8.  His dementia and weak rear end got to the point where his quality of life was poor so the decision was made to let him go.  He was a very popular guy and will be missed.

Dogs who have gone to forever foster homes: 

  • Tess, Veronica and Ajax went to the same foster home
  • Evelyn
  • Several more Old Friends will be going to forever foster homes this coming week.