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OFSDS Weekly Update (3/15)

New to the Gardens

  • Dolly – toy poodle
  • Hash Brown – rough coated chihuahua mix
  • Atticus – an 8 year old Great Dane
To Forever Fosters
  • Abner
  • Smokey
  • Caroline
Returned to the Gardens
  • Lexi
Miscellaneous Dog Updates
  • Tiny Tulip had some additional dental work.  Her little mouth was a giant mess and we’re hoping she soon will be feeling a lot better.
  • Bagel had another decent week as did most of the Reception gang.
  • Bear appeared to struggle this week.  Under all of his hair is one very thin old dog,. But he is such a pleasant guy who still wants to follow everyone around the Reception area.
  • Bella’s incision continues to improve thanks to several laser treatments each week.
  • Ellie and Lemmy   switched places with Ellie returning to Reception and Lemmy to one of individual rooms off of the GR
Until next week…..
Sally and the OFSDS Gang