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OFSDS Weekly Update (2/1)

New to the Gardens

  • Lemy – a black lab mix
To Forever Fosters
  • Plato
  • Linus
  • Jake
Across the Rainbow Bridge
  • Snoopy – one of the original Home Gang
  • Trixie – quite unexpectedly
Miscellaneous Updates
  • Ellie came to us in mid-December weighing 122 lbs. By the end of January she is down to 108.4 lbs. Yah Ellie
  • Herbie had surgery to correct a luxating patella and he is recovering in Reception.
  • Macy had a consultation to see if there was an implant of the correct size to correct one of her hips.
  • Bear is still doing OK
  • Peanut is hanging in there
  • Bagel has congestive heart failure. He also has a torn ligament in his heart which causes difficulty in pumping blood from one chamber to the other. He’s having his ups and downs.
  • Cassie is still hanging out in Reception. She seemed a little quieter for a couple of days this week.
  • Stumper was vomiting and not feeling well so he spent several days in Medical.
  • Peaches is back in Medical as her skin is bothering her.
Until next week…..
Sally and the OFSDS Gang