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OFSDS Weekly Update (12/7)

Much happier report this week than last…..

To Forever Fosters
  • Martha and Schroeder went to the same foster who felt that Martha would be happier with a companion
  • Lana went to one of our long-time fosters and is settling in nicely
  • Flora
  • Dash went home with me as a hospice.  He’s proof that blind dogs are resilient and can adjust.
  • Smokey’s sleepover is over and he is back at the Gardens.
Medical and Miscellaneous
  • Freddie has spent several days in Reception as he recovers from an ear abscess
  • Toy’s foot has healed sufficiently that he could spend the last couple of days in Reception and is getting back to some of his old behaviors <smile>
  • Charlie Brown also continues to recover but has to stay in Medical.
  • Spencer is back in Reception for continued observation and Lilly is right there with him.
  • Harley  has returned to LDH
  • Peanut’s leg sores are looking much better.
  • Grady has been neutered and is now in BDH.
Even though the “S” word was heard in our weather forecasts, all that we’ve received is several days of cold rain and raw temperatures,  Lots of the smaller dogs are sporting sweaters or jackets.
Until next week….
Sally and the OFSDS Gang