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OFSDS Weekly Update (12/14)

New to the Gardens

  • Ellie – a 122 lb very sweet black lab
  • Lady – a dead ringer for Toy
  • LB – a golden brown hound mix – bonded with Lady and very shy
  • Martha is back from foster and will hang out in Reception
Across the Rainbow Bridge
  • Tillie – her heart wore out
  • Spencer – succumbed to cancer
Miscellaneous dog updates
  • Baby Boo has been hanging out in Reception since she returned from a short and unsuccessful foster.   She’s happier and much more active in Reception than she was out with the other small dogs
  • Bosco has been hanging out in Reception for a few weeks.  He has never been comfortable surrounded by many dogs so the fewer dogs the better for him..
  • Hailee will remain in Reception.as her dementia only deepens
  • Lucy spent a couple of days in Medical for treatment of a back issue.
  • Charlie Brown will remain in Medical a while longer to recover from back surgery.
  • Lilly is spending some time in Medical so that an injury to her tail can be treated.
  • Bella is been diagnosed with a brain tumor and her future is uncertain at this point.
  • Toy was rushed to the emergency vet for what turns out to be a  bad reaction to his chemotherapy.  He was stable at last update.
Our wet weather has hampered workers trying to put  a new roof on our building.  Hopefully they can finish the job this coming week as rain is not in our forecast until later in the week.
The dogs are probably the only ones who don’t know a major holiday is just days away.
Fa la la la la…….
Sally and the OFSDS Gang