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OFSDS Weekly Update (1/11)

It’s been a cold and mostly wet week….

New to the Gardens
Polly – a light brown hound mix
Hank and Princess – a bonded pair of rat terrier mixes
To a Forever Foster

Miscellaneous Updates
Tulip had 18 teeth removed and she was already missing teeth. She will be gumming her food from now on but is doing so quite well if not a little messy.
Macy had x-rays of her rear legs taken and we’ll know the results probably tomorrow
Peaches is looking better with every passing day. She is a sweetie.
Lots of our OFs are feeling more comfortable thanks to several laser treatments each week from Nicki….Penny, Cassie, Mattie, Hailee just to name a few.
Ellie ha been getting daily walks and hopefully that equates to some lost pounds. She started her new life at OFSDS at 122 pounds. I’ll try to remember to weigh her tomorrow.
Until next week.

Sally and the OFSDS Gang