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New Website Video Tutorial

As you probably know, next week we will be launching a brand new website to enhance your viewing experience. We hope you have had the chance to view the PDF of the website handbook in order to get familiar with the new website. If not, you can view the PDF here!

Below is a quick video tutorial to help you gain a better understanding of the new layout:

We are really looking forward to releasing the new website next week and please know that we will be here every step of the way to help you adjust!

  • ValleyFlowers

    Great tutorial Mike! Maybe my favorite new feature is being able to pop out the comments and putting them along side the video player. Awesome! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/290ecfd999d59b918c158c781cf7bdaf3b11ab8c098e3b7723b27cdd5e140a50.jpg

    • shnzermom

      yes..esp on the bear cam. where the comments are fast..i always had to open another widow.and move it side by side..

  • Marie

    Excellent tutorial, Mike. Looks like a lot of thought went into improving the site. Can’t wait until it goes live!

  • Xan Xan
  • Mary McD

    Great tutorial! I have been fashioning my own comments-alongside-live feed through lots of windows up simultaneously and resized — so glad you’ve built this in! Looking forward to the new site!

  • Molly3

    Love the tutorial !! Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you !!! Love Explore.org !!!

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    Thanks for the video tutorial, looks like this will be an exciting upgrade

  • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

    This looks very promising! Lots of good new features and it looks user-friendly. Small question: will the user profile only be accessible to people with an Explore login? Or will Disqus logins also be able to access this feature?

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      The user profile is an Explore login feature.

  • Awissa

    How can I send a e mail to explore about not being able to load the cams? I don’t see a place here for feedback and can’t load the cam where that feature was. I’m using an I pad with safari. Is anyone else having trouble?

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi Awissa! Do you get an error when you try to load the cams? A grey screen? Is it buffering? Let us know!

      • Awissa

        Hi thank you for responding. Yesterday all I could get was a gray screen. Than last night it just would not load anything. This morning I am able to get on and checked for a message from you guys to tell you yes I am on! I will let you know how it goes today! Thanks again for all you guys do! I was so upset yesterday as I start every day with a check on ” my birdies” I am amazed at how much I have learned here. This is a wonderful site thanks again.

        • exploreorg

          Excellent. We know there are going to be some hiccups during the new release, but we are working on all of them! Glad you’re back in business.

      • lalee

        I get the grey screen..is it something of importance?

    • GDHuber

      Yes site will not load right

      • Awissa

        Hi thanks for responding. Today I am able to load the site I have no idea what happened between yesterday and today. I will let you know how the day goes headed to Charlo now! I’m so excited!

    • lalee

      oh boy am I glad to see your post its xactly the problem I’m having with my ipad.or is it the site? I cant get any of the cams to come on .its a blank page! I had to finally use my husbands laptop to get this but how do I get it on my ipad?grrr I don’t like changes either and I really liked the page with all thbe picturs of the cams to choose from now you have to find the atagoy but I gjess well get used to it as long as I CAN get it//hope you find tne answer awissa

      • Awissa

        Hi lalee 10 days and not much luck. My kids want to erase my pad saying I can’t update my I pad because I’ve filled it up with pic of our beautiful birds! Lol sounds about right. So they are putting them on a thumb drive so I don’t loose them. I’m a bit nervous about this but they are a lot smarter with this stuff than me. Have you had any luck? Some times I get in but as soon as I click on anything I get rebooted. Can watch on YouTube but miss the chat. Hope to see ya soon with all systems go! ☮

        • lalee

          I apologize Awissa but I just found your reply..I’m still not having much success being able to get any of the animal cams.I really don’t like the new set up and don’t see where the change improved if I can’t get it,I’m very disappointed one of my favorite sites is such a hassle To get and has changed too much for me..I will not go to you tube to watch a video,its not a live cam.you can’t make you tube video bigger to zoom in..Sauces was always on through the summer now I can’t even get it to come up..sometimes if it’s not broke leave it the hell alone! haha thanks again

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  • junefit

    Love your website, old one or new!

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Thank you, we appreciate that!

  • MaryAnn Olleck

    The new site is OK, but the old one was so much more straight forward.

  • GDHuber

    site will not load all the way for me on two different computers hate it

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi GDHuber, what browser are you using?

      • GDHuber

        IE 11

        • http://explore.org/ explore.org

          Gotcha, we have always had issues with IE both on the old website and the new one. We are working on it but until then we suggest you download Google Chrome.

          • GDHuber

            Thank you I do have Google Chrome installed on my laptop just did not think to try it, it does work. Will have to let you know how I like ithe new program. . I am 74 years old and really do not like change, if is not broke don’t fix it LOL

  • Joanna2014

    The update, upgrade (?) for the Explore.org site is really nice. The only question I have is under what category will the webcam for the Northern Lights be found?

    • Joanna2014

      I found the Northern Lights site, just took a little exploring on my part – This is a wonderful upgrade, a lot of work put into this. Thank you again.

      • http://explore.org/ explore.org

        Sorry we didn’t see this earlier, glad to see you found it. If you have any troubles we are here to help!