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Hayley Shephard goes above and beyond to bring exciting footage to us

Meet Adventurer, Traveler, and Beluga Boat Guide Hayley Shephard

Explore.org and Polar Bears International are thrilled to welcome the new Beluga Boat Captain and Virtual Guide, Hayley Shephard, to our team. Hayley brings her vast experience with boats, wildlife, and guiding to the live cams this summer; we know she will enrich the beluga experience for everyone.

The Beluga Cam will be launching live soon (depending on Arctic logistics!) and until then, keep an eye out for short blogs, videos, and photos of what is happening right now in the Churchill River. Hayley is packing her bags (with bug spray!) and heading up to meet the rest of the explore and PBI team soon. Once there, she will be your window in the lives of these beautiful whales.

Watch this short video chat between Polar Bear International’s Alysa McCall to learn more about Hayley’s background, hear a bit about her adventures at both poles, and see how knowledgeable she is about the community of Churchill, Manitoba. Soon she will be maneuvering her boat through hundreds of belugas while talking to you and answering your questions live! Stay tuned!