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Meet Lucy : Little Rascal

Lucy has been quite the mischievous rascal, and a source of entertainment for all of us watching the Service Puppy Live Cam. We had more than one “Lucy” submission, so we’ve included both stories here. Jennilee submitted this story about her own Lucy:

“I found a stray pup, and after trying to find where she had come from, we unanimously decided to keep her. I thought she was a lab mix, but as she grew, her ears began to stand straight up, until it was obvious that she was a shepherd mix. We had her several weeks before we could decide on a name. Finally, my husband said, “Lucy?”, to which she yipped and ran toward him. Lucy it was! Lucy had the sweetest temperament. She grew up to be the most gorgeous cream-colored shephard I have ever seen.  Her paws were huge and webbed, and she was by far the best swimmer. Lucy came to be known as an “Honorary Golden Retriever” because the only dogs she was ever around were Goldens. Lucy lived to be over 13 when we had to make the decision.

I found my current companion through a rescue organization. Nellie was a four year old Golden rescued from a breeder. We fell in love with her immediately. She is the most beautiful cream color, just like Lucy was.”

Submitted by Paula Curtin:

“I had a yellow lab named Lucy who was the smartest dog I ever owned. She would walk between the irrigation ditch and my two year old son to keep him safe. She also never let anyone come in the door until I said it was OK, and then she would go back to napping. Incredible dog who I still miss 25 years later!!”