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aspca dog

Gracie, Courtesy of ASPCA

Love a rescue dog? Send in your pics!

Recently the ASPCA asked shelter dog owners to send in photos of their adopted pets in the hopes that others would fall in love with recused animals. We love shelter dogs and know you do too, so please send in photos of your own rescued pets and we’ll feature them on our blog!

Each year animal shelters euthanize millions of dogs that could otherwise be an adopted family friend for life. Most are gentle and loving creatures that just need a stable home to thrive and flourish. Many dogs receive training and socialization in the shelter to make transitions to home life smoother. So right off the bat they would fit in with your other animals and family members.

If the facts don’t convince people, maybe lovingly photographed snapshots will – so send them in to dogblessyou@explore.org. We can’t wait to see those bright eyes and bushy tails!

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  1. Yogadeli

    Willow was advertised on Craigslist by the local shelter, she was three months old, a bag of bones with a bad cough, deaf and was labelled a Pitbull type, she was due to be euthanized because of this. My husband and I raced over to get her, fell in love with her, had her spayed and got her all checked out with the vet. She’s now two years old and loving life. She still has multiple issues, her cough never cleared up, she’s still deaf and has severe allergies but we adore her, oh and she turned out to be a Dogo Argentino, not a pit boxer mix.

  2. L Higuera

    We have rescued two labrador retrievers from Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue. Gale and Luna. Gale was a 5 year old chocolate lab looking for her forever home after being a show dog. Her owner took great pains to find the right family for Gale and we were lucky enough to have passed the test. Gale gave us many years of love and affection. Truly one of a kind…gentle, sweet, loving. Every experience was new to her, so during the first two years she was more like a puppy than an adult dog. Such a love! She is missed dearly!

    Luna came to us from CCLRR under very different circumstances. She was picked up somewhere in the Central Valley and when the county agency called the number on her tag, they were told by the “owner” they didn’t want her. When they asked what her name was, they were told she never had a name. Luna was well over a year old! Shocking! When she came to us she was scared of everything. When I would go outside she would be at the door jumping straight up and down, non-stop. I soon realized that she must have been chained to a tree or in a run. Life if very different for Luna now. She has lots of room to run and play. She has a brother, Luke who is a service dog in training for Warrior Canine Connection. Luna brings great joy to our family with her funny antics! Her favorite thing to do in the world is to destroy even the “guaranteed” indestructible toy! Now we time her to see how fast I have spent my money!!

  3. Guest

    Vernon was rescued and has become my best friend. He is incredible! He is an ambassador for foster dogs I bring into my home…he accepts every single one and shares his bed, his yard and his wisdom. He teaches them to use the dog door to go outside and he cuddles with them. I have had pure bred dogs from breeders before, but once I had a rescue dog I never made that mistake again. Here is a before and after photo of this remarkable pup.

  4. Vicki

    Vernon was rescued and has become my best friend. He is incredible! He is an ambassador for foster dogs I bring into my home…he accepts every single one and shares his bed, his yard and his wisdom. He teaches them to use the dog door to go outside and he cuddles with them. I have had pure bred dogs from breeders before, but once I had a rescue dog I never made that mistake again. Here is a before and after photo of this remarkable pup. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sammi and Argos

    Argos came from the Northeast Iowa Humane Society in Decorah, Iowa. He is my Service Dog, and my hero. I am the one who was rescued.

  6. samantha

    These boys have been the best accomplishment of my life ♡ I may have adopted them but they rescued me!!

  7. Esther

    Mollie is my little Katrina survivor. I found her at a no kill shelter in October 2005. I had been let go from a job and was suffering from depression. Finally I decided I needed to focus on something positive and got on PetFinder…I took one look at her and knew she was mine. I got cleaned up and went to adopt her. As other people have said, she rescued me. She’s getting on in years and I may not have her long with me, so I try to spoil her the best I can.


    I have two rescue dogs that have both become working Search And Rescue (SAR) Dogs. These rescued dogs have both become rescuers!

    My first SAR Dog, Kali, a German Shepherd mix, was adopted from Circle Tail, near Cincinnati, OH. As a very young pup, she was in training to become an Assistance Dog. Luckily for me, she was released from the program due to her extra high energy level and made available for adoption. I was able to refocus her high energy in a new job that suited her perfectly. She became nationally certified and worked as a SAR Dog until 10 years of age. She is now almost 15 years old and enjoying her retirement.

    My second SAR Dog, Major, a Chocolate Lab/German Short Haired Pointer Mix, was adopted from Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. He was part of their Canines With Careers program, through which he received an introduction to SAR work. We have worked together as a nationally certified K9SAR team for 4 years. At 6 years of age, Major still has an exuberant spirit and athletic ability that matches much younger dogs.

    • Debbie Freligh

      This is Widget… rescued from the City of Hartford animal shelter a year and a half ago. The cat is Tom, taken in as a stray 16 years ago. Best buddies 🙂

  9. Christl Hansman

    This is our sweet Greta, rescued from the San Francisco SPCA. They thought she was a Doberman or Rottweiler mix, but we soon discovered she was part Black and Tan Coonhound when she would sing. Her favorite song is Moonlight in Vermont. If I sing Ella’s part she will howl along to Louis Armstrong’s horns.

  10. Debbie Freligh

    Sorry, having trouble posting the pic… this is Widget and Tom Cat, both rescues.

  11. Katie Molyneux

    Our two rescue dogs had many medical problems when we first got them, and they may not have lasted too much longer if they had stayed in the shelter. Jenny (the golden retriever mix in front) had pnemonia, an infected tooth, an ear infection, and was sneezing blood. Josie had a parasite, and still has a bad leg because she was hit by a car. I am so glad we were able to rescue them and get them healthy again. Now they are both very happy dogs!

  12. stellamommie

    Sandy and I met in May, 2013, after I had been fostering senior, special needs dogs for about five years. From the moment we met, I knew we were mutual keepers. During the past 18 months, Sandy has transformed from an emaciated, injured, and very ill casualty of Hurricane Sandy, who explored her new neighborhood on borrowed wheels, to a happy, healthy, and recently certified Therapy Dog, who brings comfort to everyone she meets. We still decorate her wheels for local parades — she is, after all, a very tiny little old lady Beagle. But, whether Sandy is Howloweening as a “scary” Spider Dog, cheering on her beloved Nats, warming up for our annual community Fun Run, or visiting the Armed Forces Retirement Home, she is living proof that rescued dogs can become rescuer dogs.

  13. pamzee

    Corey was a Christmas present to myself 4 years ago. The guy at the shelter said I shouldn’t adopt him because he was aggressive. Ha! He’s a 45 pound lap dog that just needed some love, exercise and training. He’s a rascal, and very smart

  14. Lisa Skeen Rhodes

    My two latest rescues, Scooter and Daisy May. I got them at 7 weeks old when their mother was killed by a car. The local shelter called me to foster these little pom-chi pups which each weighed 1 pound when I got them. Within 3 days we called the shelter back and changed the status to “Foster to Adopt”. We fell in love immediately. They just turned 1 year old. They bring such joy to our home, I can’t imagine not having them in our lives!!!

  15. Sue Marshall

    this is my pit bull rockford. i rescued him from an abandoned foreclosed home. the people who lost their home left him there to die. he was abused & only weighed 24 lbs. today he’s happy, healthy 70 lb mush mush. he has an angel on his shoulders
    and he’s my angel 🙂

  16. Patricia Johnson

    Sausha was turned into a County shelter because she was “sick.” She had just turned 9 years old. She was rescued by Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue and her foster mom knew we wanted a Yorkie. She was a perfect fit. She would have been 17 years old in November but unfortunately we lost her to kidney failure in August. She was sweet, independent and beautiful. She was a good sport always and didn’t even mind being dressed up. We loved her very much.

  17. Sheila

    I’ve been blessed with four rescue dogs. It’s amazing how like human’s they all have their very own personalities. There is nothing greater than seeing the excited look on their faces and watching their crazily wagging tails when I return home.

    Pictured left to right: Kalli, Starburst, Bandit and Breezy

  18. BeansandFranks

    Our Great Pyrenees-Golden mix, Ben. One of two rescues from high-kill Carolina shelters. We couldn’t ask for better dogs!

  19. Mary

    This is Ace. Sadly, he passed away last year. He was rescued by Paw Placement in Scottsdale AZ as a puppy. Ace was the only survivor of his litter, and the best dog anyone could ever ask for!

  20. Mary

    This is Sara, rescued by Forever Loved Pets, who specialize in seniors… she’s such a sweetheart!

  21. Oanh

    This is Blue! He is a mix of Blue Heeler and Jack Russell. We saved him 2 years ago. He is the sweetest! We are very blessed to have him as part of our family!

  22. Joan

    I rescued Alfie 3 years ago, a stray Great Pyr X. He’s made me work hard to help him become the wonderful cuddle muffin and gentleman he’s become.

  23. Robbin

    Meet Daisy. A Border collie/Jack Russell/XYZ cross of some kind, I found her on Tx Hwy 105, 20 miles from anywhere, standing in the middle of the highway, head down and tail between her legs, half starved and having recently had a litter, which I couldn’t find. She’s now my BFF, favorite clown, and fierce protector.

  24. Pat

    I got Zeno from the animal shelter when he was about 3 months old. He’s five years old now, and he’s the sweetest dog on earth. I am very lucky to have found him.

  25. Pat

    Trying again to post Zeno’s photo.

  26. West Breen

    This is Shannon, winking at me, rescued by Labs4Rescue 10 years ago and still my little girl.

  27. Julie Hansen

    Here are my rescues from the Nebraska Humane Society. Mia (the cat – rescued 12 years ago), Jax (the dog, rescued 5 years ago).

  28. Kathleenicorn

    This is Oreo. My family gave him to me for Mothers’ Day 2013. He’s my first dog and he eats everything, food or not, including that leash in that picture lol. We adopted him from the Brant County SPCA in Brantford, Ontario. He’s a great dog!

    He’s a chocolate lab and husky X and he’s very friendly and good with kids, super gentle with our baby (who was born 9 months after him).

  29. Tracey

    This is Isabella trying on her Halloween costume. I have had her about 6 weeks. She is a sweetie & is always by my side.

  30. Guest

    This is our loveable Sidney Patrick. He is smart and sweet and the opposite of the bad rap pit’s get.

  31. Maureen Kendel

    This is our loveable Sidney Patrick. He’s smart, sweet and the opposite of the bad rap pit’s get.

  32. Guest

    This is Baxter, he turned 4 on 11/11! I adopted him 3 1/2 years ago and he’s quite a character!

  33. Nancy Chan

    This is Baxter, he turned 4 on 11/11! I adopted him 3 1/2 years ago and he’s a character!

  34. Cari O'Donnell

    We rescued Clarence 3 years ago. He is one of the greatest loves of my life!

  35. Deb J.

    Say, “Hello” to Bonnie & Clyde sheltered at Ruff House Rescue on Long Island. Ruff House picked them up at a police station and named them Bonnie and Clyde, since they had to get them out of jail. They were a bonded pair from the start and can’t imagine anyone abandoning them. I rescued/adopted them 14 months ago and just adore my little partners in crime!

  36. Deb J.

    Bonnie & Clyde adopted from Ruff House Rescue and described in the post below.

  37. Deb J.

    Trying to upload a picture of Bonnie & Clyde…

  38. Valerie

    Rhett Butler. Adopted from the Animal Care Center in St John US Virgin Islands about 6 months ago. It has taken him awhile to adjust to city life but he is doing great. So sweet. Love him!

  39. Valerie

    Hope the picture uploads. Rhett. Sweet boy

  40. Guest

    Our sweet pitbull baby Marley who we adopted from Orange County Animal Services in Orlando. She’s just a lovebug and the sweetest dog ever!

  41. Guest

    Marley ❤

  42. Aydin Didem

    Here is my baby girl Pickles, kissing me and hugging her sister Whiskers. I adopted Pickles from a shelter in Hong Kong. Previously, she was adopted by a couple who broke up and blamed it on Pickles. 🙁 Pickles is a sweetheart, and I love her to death! She is extremely smart, never gets sick and can speak three languages: Turkish, English, and Cantonese. :))

  43. Julie Hansen

    Here are my rescues from the Nebraska Humane Society. Mia (the cat – rescued 12 years ago), Jax (the dog, rescued 5 years ago)

  44. Patrick

    Here is Lance, happily smiling a year after being adopted from Save a Pet in Desert Hot Springs, CA. He was so timid and shy after bouncing around shelters for more than 6 months. He loves having a daily routine that includes the dog park, good meals, and lots of love. As a service dog he helps me grocery shop and the chore is so much easier with him along.

  45. Elaine

    He’s my rescue.baboo poochie magoo. Love him. Found him at paws rescue in philly.

  46. Taylor

    This is Nitro our five month old rescued pitbull! He loves stretching, playing with his toys, runs, and most of all giving dad hugs and of course belly rubs, giving kisses! He has brought us more joy and happiness than I could ever imagine possible! He is our best friend!

  47. Leslie Vance

    Both my girls are rescues . Cally is from local animal shelter and little Sissy is from a private rescue that was at Petsmart

  48. Abbe

    Abbe is from Ratbone Rescue.

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