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Cheers! You’ve Started Naming the Puppies

Something about the winning names for Lu-Lu’s puppy litter at ECAD is making us thirsty! Check out the current winning names you picked and bid to help fund service dog training with ECAD.

The pups have moved on to their training but now the fun begins with a naming contest! Opening bids are $100 and the current winning bids are below. Anyone can bump a name/bid and enter a new name with a $50 bid and by emailing your full name and cell number that accepts texts to info@ECAD1.org or send a message on Facebook.

The bids and names will be updated on ECAD’s Live Cam at explore.org and Facebook page twice daily by 1 PM and 8 PM. Winning bidders will receive a picture of the puppy they named along with a copy of the puppy’s birth certificate including its new name – from you! All the funds raised will help to care for these guys.


  • hazelangeleyes4u $100 purple-girl Baileys
  • hazelangeleyes4u $100 lime-girl Malibu
  • Erica N $200 Pink-girl Champagne
  • pmonien@charter.net $100 Orange-boy Brandy
  • 84exit8 $100 Blue-boy Captain Morgan
  • AJBasey@hotmail.com $100 Red-boty Yager (from
  • Jagermeister)
  • Sgt Hector $100 Green -boy Hennessey
  • JenniferZ $100 Yellow-girl Tito


  1. Sophie Smith


  2. Sophie Smith

    ginger (beer ftom tobago)

  3. Sophie Smith

    noticed lulus video was changed can someone pls contact me.