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Have Baker and Snowy been good dogs this year?

Jingle Woof Winners Deck their Dogs with Holiday Wear

Viewers are having so much fun participating in the Jingle Woof Contest, we want to spread the cheer with you! These pics prove that even pets can get into the holiday spirit.

Benson is a happy little elf.

Benson is a happy little elf.

Benson’s friend Ann tells us, “This is Benson, my 10 yr old Golden. He is a therapy dog and goes on weekly school library visits so the children can practice their reading. He has the sweetest temperament and our bond is strong with all the training and therapy visits we do together. He loves to dress up!”

Tessa the Doberman with the one and only Santa Paws

Tessa the Doberman sits with Santa Paws.

Hey, Noah! Whatcha got cookin'?

Hey, Noah! Whatcha got cookin’?

Dela and Dory guard the presents.

Dela and Dory guard the presents.

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