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Ginger is a Christmas Miracle.

Jingle Woof – Ginger is the Golden Who Saved Her Family

Our Jingle Woof Contest is about hilarious photos of your pets in holiday getup, but it’s also about celebrating the ones you love, including the furriest of friends. Sometimes, in the face of adversity, pets are the ones keeping the whole family together. Let’s learn a little about Ginger the Golden Retriever.

Her friend Gina tells us a little about the pup:

“She is the sweetest girl and I often refer to her as the “Dog who saved our family”. My husband is a recently retired Canadian Clearance Diver with 28.5 years served in the Navy. He served in Afghanistan as an EOD expert and served along side the U.S. military including the FBI. He came home with the invisible war injury, PTSD. He sought help right away and has spent 7 years working hard to heal; it’s still a journey for us all to do what we can to help him and recognize his triggers. Three years ago on the pretense of getting a puppy for our kids for Christmas, Ginger came into our lives. She is so in tune with our family, that if at any time my husband is not doing well she’s able to get his attention and bring him back to this reality. The same goes for my kids and myself if we are feeling badly. From the moment she came into our lives, we went from a family divided into four different rooms to all being together in the family room. She loves to run and play and adores swimming in the lake. Winter time brings snowball catching. Wherever we are, she is…right now she’s curled up next to me! This is her “Santa I was a very good girl” photo!”

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