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Xiao Shen Bin enjoys a snack

Introducing New Panda Toddlers

There was a pleasant surprise this week on the Toddler Cam at Bifengxia Panda Base in China as two new toddlers came to live in the yard, followed days later by two more toddlers. Camera Operator Lee Morris helps us to identify the 6 and 7 month old pandas:

“Within 24 hours we knew they were the cubs of Shen Bin, Fei Fei, Gong Zhu and Wang Jia.  Then we found out that Shen Bin and Fei Fei’s cubs were the first 2 placed in the yard. The pandas have not received their official names yet so I call them Xiao, meaning ‘little’ in Chinese and then their Mother’s name.

With information flowing in from Hong Kong, Japan, England, Malaysia and the US, I have been able to put names and faces on them. The list is not complete but I have only seen them a few times.  Come and watch them investigate their new yard, take a zip down the slide or ride the hobby horses. There are plenty of trees to climb and even a highbar and tires to play on.

Here is what I have so far to help you tell them apart:

Xiao Shen Bin
– Female
– Born September 29, 2014
– Eye patches curve up at the bottom outside edge
– Vest is jagged in the middle
– 2 white toes on the right back foot
– White patches on both heels of back feet

Xiao Fei Fei
– Male
– Born August 12, 2014
– Darker white fur
– Eye patches are more square
– Vest is straight across on the bottom
– White patches on both back legs

Xiao Gong Zhu
–  Male
–  Born August 15, 2014
–  Vest is straight across
–  Eye patches are rectangular in shape

Xiao Gong Zhu

Xiao Gong Zhu

Xiao Wang Jia
– Male
– Born August 22, 2014
–  Wider vest than XGZ and it is wavy in the middle
–  Eye patches are Kidney Bean shaped

Xiao Wang Jia

Xiao Wang Jia

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