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Drawing by beloved bearcam fan Dicky Neely

Drawing by beloved bearcam fan Dicky Neely

In Loving Memory of Dicky Neely

With heavy hearts, we are saddened to announce the passing of one of our beloved community members, Dicky Neely.


Dicky shared his love of bears (and Otis) through his incredible artwork, pieces we were so grateful to see and cherish as he shared them on the bear cam chat board.

Dicky Neely artwork

Dicky was a wild spirit and brought so much life (and color) to our community. He was talented artist, musician, and even a published author.

“Wildlife inspires people in myriad ways, and Dicky was clearly inspired by brown bears. He shared his love of Brooks River through his art and the bearcam community was richer for it.” — Mike Fitz
dicky neely subadult

Dicky — thank you for your incredible heart and soul. Please say hi to Juergen for us; you will be forever missed.

If you would like to leave any stories or artwork that Dicky has shared with you, please feel free to comment below.

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    WE will miss you soooooo much Dicky !

  • Brenda James

    We will miss you and your beautiful drawings
    Rest In Paradise sweet man !!

  • BMDdad

    On the path of life we often cross paths totally unexpected with someone whom leaves us being so much a better person than we were before. I am joyously honored that one such path I came across was yours Dicky. Greatly missed your presence will be, but not forgotten.

  • May

    Such sad news. Rest in peace Dicky !

  • Margaret

    So sad to hear of the passing of Dicky Neely. Such a nice man who chatted with anyone. He expressed his passion for the bears through his beautiful drawings of his favorite bears. He will be missed very much. God bless him and his family.

  • Nippykippy

    Dear Dicky, you were a friend to all. I loved your art work, I treasured our friendship. You left us too early perhaps, but clearly you were ready for better things. Go in peace my friend.

  • Amanda Thompson

    Rest In Peace Dicky. You were a positive and wonderful group member. So talented and welcoming. I am lucky to have been in this community with you.

  • IslandDunesGal

    Thank you for all the joy you brought us through your art, Dicky. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Jan.

  • mosaic_world

    I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Dicky. I remember seeing his art now and then on the bear cam. I was always kind of curious about his back story from his kind of folk style of art. my condolences.

  • Linda Banzhaf

    So saddened to hear of Dicky’s passing. I lalways loved his drawings and return comments to me. He will be missed by all of us.

  • naturegirl

    RIP Dicky. I will miss your gentle soul and your wonderful drawings. Your drawings brought much joy into my life and captured our love for the Katmai bears so well.

  • Naomi Boak

    Another kind soul in our community is gone. I am crushed. But I . know in the long wrong I will be lifted up by the memories of Dicky’s whimsical artwork and his kind heart. Bye bye Dicky.

  • tahna

    The loss of Dicky my friend is so deep, no words to express the sadness. Will miss your views, your art , your compassion. Few people you meet change your life . You my friend are one ! Now you are with my beloved Juergen and that brings me some peace, but this hole will never be filled .

  • CSchafer

    Did not know Dicky very well, but enjoyed his art work. He was a very talented man. He will be missed by one and all. The bear cams will be full of bears this summer, but the chat will have a big hole where two well respected family members should be. To Dicky’s family, sorry for your loss will keep your family in my prayers.

  • Bumpy

    So sorry to read of Dicky’s passing. I enjoyed his art work very much.

  • Baby peas

    I remember when a troll tried to passive aggressively attack Dicky’s art, inferring that a child did it. Immediately we all came to Dickys defense. We cherished his whimsical enchanting style! He drew the bears of our dreams…sweet dreams….

  • Darlene Martin

    Dicky Neely was a great man with vast skills. He could draw bears like #273 and Velcro, Otis, and Mommy bears with their cubs. I loved his artwork. Rest In Peace Dicky Neely……

  • http://www.carolinebletsis.com/ CarolineB

    I was so very sad to discover that my friend Dicky had passed away. We shared a love of the bears and a love of painting them. I got to know him a little better through Facebook and was impressed by his many talents – musician, writer, cartoonist, one-time surfer, and all round good guy. He lived life to the full and I’m really going to miss him.

  • Rockatte
  • Julia

    DIcky was truly a one-of-a-kind man. His heart was filled with life, love, art and a great sense of humor. I will miss chatting with him and all of his lovely artwork. How we worried so for his safety during Hurricane Harvey and were so thankful when he was able to return. He always would lend a hand to help others in any way possible, even if it were a simple hug. RIP dear kind Dicky….you and Jeurgen can now watch over all our bears and us too ! My deepest condolences for all his family and loved ones.

    I know this post shows Julia…its my “other” account but wont let me post as you all know me….. Bearsneagles xoxo

  • DogMom

    I will miss Dicky and his art so very much. Condolences for his family and friends. RIP my friend.

  • flowerbear

    golly! so sorry! Dicky was a fine, kind person, and i really loved his art. and how generously he shared it. i’ll miss him.

  • MrsBoomer

    Rest In Peace, Dicky. Your talent and kindness will be forever missed. Condolences to his family and many, many friends.

  • Puffinette

    RIP Dicky…you will be forever in our hearts.

  • Karen

    So sorry to hear about Dicky, I so enjoyed his pictures, he will be missed.

  • JackieCJB

    So sad to hear this news. You could tell from his beautiful drawings that he had a kind and gentle heart. I will miss seeing his artwork. Even though I only comment on the chat now and then, Dicky always acknowledged me when i commented on his artwork. He will be missed. May God rest his soul. My prayers go out for his family and friends.

  • Jade_Bear

    Thank you for sharing your artwork, Dicky! We will miss you, your wonderful presence, and talent in the bear chat!

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  • Cloud

    A beautiful tribute to Dicky by deelynnd. https://youtu.be/zs8I0PE5HII

    • Kimmer21462

      Wow That Was Beautiful And Moved Me To Tears. I Am So Very Sorry For The Loss Of The Loved One. ( Dicky Neely) . I Am New To The Community And Missed The Privilege Of Getting To Know Him, But It Appears He Had A Beautiful Spirit, Good Eye, Sharp Mind And Talented Hand. This Is A Wonderful Tribute To Your Good Friend. Jan Hilton I Am Thinking Of You As I Have Also Lost My One And Only Brother And Sibling. I Know Your Pain Is Still Very Present And Strong As The Shock Has Now Worn Off And The Reality Has Set In. Please Know I Will Be Lifting You And Your Brothers Loved Ones Up In Prayer And Will Pray You All Will Find Peace And Comfort.

  • Cloud
  • Joy

    I really enjoyed Dicky’s expressive bear artwork! When I commented on his newly posted art he always responded with kind and appreciative words. He was a gentle soul with a great love for our bears. I will miss you Dicky~

  • Allie Eska

    Dicky was a kind, caring, gentle friend to everyone he met with a heart of gold as big as Otis. He was talented in so many ways & I always appreciated his sharing his bear artwork with us. Dicky’s bear paintings brought such joy and I smiled whenever he shared his paintings. He responded and thanked each person who wrote a message under them. I will remember Dicky for his graciousness and joy he brought others & how much he could brighten someone’s day with ease. I can see him now crossing Rainbow Bridge into a spring meadow, lovingly surrounded by the bears he knew, his bear-lover friends and the other animals there who are now his friends. They are all celebrating his welcoming party together.

  • SnowBear

    We all loved him Jan….He was a treasured member of our Chat community and he enriched all of us with his wonderful pictures of the bears we all loved so much. I often thought that if he could have been a bear, he would have, and what an awesome one he would have been….kind, gentle, a loving bear kind of like 480 Otis. Able to defend himself and his position, yet not too dominant so that other bears feared to be around him. A great fisher bear and all Chatters would look forward to seeing him come in every time and cheer when he did!…..I look forward to seeing him again in Heaven, and I will cheer. My heart is heavy for your loss….Peace to you and your family. I will miss him in Chat….

  • SnowBear

    A wonderfully talented and kind soul is gone from our presence. I treasure so much the time spent with him on the Chat board. His great pictures of the bears he loved with all his heart were such an inspiration to all who were priviledged to see them…I will miss him a lot. RIP sweet friend….