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OFSDS Weekly Update (3/8)

New to the Gardens

  • Yogi –  a pit mix
To Forever Foster
  • Autumn
  • Skye
Miscellaneous Dog Updates
  • Francis has been wearing an e-collar because he cut one of his paw pads
  • Fanny and Duchess are back in LDH
  • Princess is now in LDH.  She and Hank do not appear to have much if any bond.
  • Bella spent the weekend at the vets
  • Lemmy was moved back to Reception
  • Tulip is having some more dental work done on Monday.
  • Ellie is down to 101 lbs !!!   That’s an average loss of 2 lbs a week…all done with portion control and  exercise.
  • The other dogs in Reception and Medical had an uneventful week.
Until next week….
Sally and the OFSDS Gang
  • blu

    i like knowing it has been a pretty happy week fur babies cuddles to ALL!