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Cub Standoff Leads to Single Car Traffic Jam (Video)

There was an adorable standoff in Katmai National Park between #132’s cub and what appears to be a small Mitsubishi. It all begins as mama bear and cubs amble down the paved road near the boat cove. Anticipating an approaching truck, the family smartly veers into the grass and out of harm’s way. Everyone except for the cub who stubbornly stays the course. The truck inches ever closer.

Sure, the cub could claim ignorance or naivety as a defense for staying on the road, but the video clearly shows him standing tall on his hind legs to catch a glimpse of the advancing interloper. That’s when he sits, kicking off the game of chicken.

It’s understood in the national park that vehicles must proceed slowly and keep their distance from any animals while driving, so there was never any actual danger here. As Ranger Mike Fitz reveals in last week’s live chat, he’s waited over 7 hours for a bear to get out of the road. So what we really have here is just an curious bear cub testing limits and learning about his surroundings.

Check out the action in the highlight below:

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