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Countdown to Bear Cam Season!

In just a few short weeks, hundreds of thousands of salmon will return to Brooks River, attracting dozens of ravenous brown bears. For salmon, this is the final leg of an epic and dangerous journey to their spawning grounds. After hibernating for several months, the river’s brown bears will be eager to gain back the weight they lost in winter and spring. You’ll be able to watch the spectacle of survival, hunger, and competition unfold on the world famous bearcams.

Join explore.org for a pre-season bearcam live chat on Friday, June 1st, at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT. Led by a surprise host, we’ll look back at the events on bearcam in 2017, answer your questions, and discuss some of the major storylines to follow this summer. Bearcam 2018 could be one of the most exciting seasons yet!

Watch live here!

  • Lovethebears

    Hello Surprise Host and thank you! :)
    Do you have any id’s on the subs that are being seen around camp this spring?
    And I’ll be pleased to be the first to ask, “Has Otis been spotted yet?”
    Thanks again


    Will the 2018 newly identified / classified bears be assigned numbers in the 900 series?

  • AnitaFederalWay

    Has Otis been spotted?

  • AnitaFederalWay

    Hello to all bear viewers, so excited that bear cam season is about to begin!!

  • Carrie Miller

    Will you tell us what you know about bear cubs emancipating independently of their siblings? (I read some speculation that 128Grazer May have one of her three cubs already emancipated.)

  • Goofy girl Amy

    Any predictions about bear hierarchy this season? I’m so hoping to see Otis! Especially in August, since I’ll be there!

  • Carrie Miller

    Have you heard the salmon run projections for this season yet? I know a few places along the Pacific Coast are limiting take due to low runs in those areas.

    • Chippie

      They are due for another bumper crop this year. Projected numbers are similar to last year’s

      • Carrie Miller

        Thanks, Chippie – that is great news! :)

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    What changes have happened to the Brooks river in the past year? Any New islands or sandbars? Has the boat basin filled in? Have the leaning spruces fallen?

  • Naomi Boak

    Just to get this out of the way for everyone:
    Have you seen Otis yet?
    Have you seen Velcro? What is his number?
    Is 410 back?
    How is 856?
    How is Popeye?
    Have you seen Chunk yet?
    Any new COY’s? Who’s your mommy?
    How were things on Dumpling Mtn.?
    Have you seen anyone in a pink tutu running away from 128?
    When will the cams be up and running?
    Anyone seen Holly & cubs?
    Has anyone been Grazered yet?
    Have you ID’d any subs?

    I know I must have missed some, but I know you guys will back me up. :-)))

  • Dasimi

    Good Day Again. Any idea how much damage appeared on the cams with the first trip to Dumpling and when does Explore go to do repairs, and lastly, and idea when they will be on and working? Thank you so much

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    WElcome Back Rangers !!! And New Rangers to Brooks !! Will you have any contests this year ?? Were there more bears last year than the year before , not counting the cubs ! TY !

  • sumac

    Have the numbers of guest allowed to visit this year increased from last years count?

  • Vicki Smith

    Do you expect the salmon run to be as big as it was last year or less?

    • Chippie

      It is supposed to be very close to last year’s numbers

  • JG

    A decade ago it seems to Brooks River area was in the midst of a bear population boom, could some of those bears no longer seen that are of a similar age to some of the current bears still be out there surviving in new home ranges? Possibly seeking new territory in leaner salmon years?

    Following a couple of exceptional salmon runs is the river about to see another boom with many new sub adults last year and possibly many more this coming season or will some disperse?

    • Chippie

      Great question!


    Question for GrandmaJ (she is not able to sign in to post her question herself):

    “With all the standing water in Alaska have you had an issue there with West Nile and if they should would it have an adverse affect on the bears?”

  • LuvBears

    As someone with a knowledge of Brooks bears, what do you look forward to seeing the most this year? Subadult interaction, COY’s, dominant male, salmon run, which bears return Thanks for sharing your time, knowledge & our excitement for the new season at Katmai. :)

    • Linda

      i can’t wait to see Lucky aka 503, Holly and her 2. and and and,,,,,,,,,,

  • Holly789

    When will we see the new brown bear book?

  • cathy

    when the bears catch fish it looks like they bite some off and the rest is swept away, sometimes half the fish, so how do you calculate how much fish they eat each day?

  • Boyd York

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