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Congratulations to Carlene and the Service Dog Project!

Carlene White founded the Service Dog Project to provide loving companions for people with severe balance and mobility limitations. And this week she was awarded with the 2013 Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association merit award for animal welfare!

In this short video you can see Carlene revive a new born, great dane pup from last year’s litter.

SDP has donated over 45 Great Danes as service dogs.  These dogs provide a valuable service and have enhanced the quality of life for their owners. Service dogs have been placed with children, war veterans,  Mutiple Sclerosis, Friedreich’s Ataxia and more.  While each dog received extensive training for balance, once a dog is paired with an applicant, the dog is uniquely trained to suit their needs.

Located in Ipswich, Massachusetts on a 12 acre property with heated kennels, fields and a large arena, these areas provide the necessary space to raise the dogs from birth to graduation and even back for retirement if needed.

Visit the live cam and meet the great danes in the Puppy Room!


  1. Dee

    Wonderful article. All C.P.’s (camera peeps) know how fantastic and caring she is to dags ans people alike.

  2. Doris Kline

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa for Carlene 🙂

  3. ChiX2-NY

    Woooo Hooo for Carlene and SDP

  4. Betty

    Congratulations Carlene and staff! Making dreams come true.
    Betty Quadros

  5. Jane Williams

    YAY Carlene, you have worked hard, tirelessly putting the needs of others first. Congratulations to you.

  6. Barbara Devereaux

    Congratulations, Carlene…what a wonderful recognition for you and your group.


  7. B

    Congrats, Carlene. You are one in a million. Or trillion. Or zillion. Or… 🙂

  8. Dana Jones

    Wonderful organization!!