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Alyssa McCall - Polar Bears International

Photo Credit: Kt Miller - Polar Bears International - Alysa McCall with Buggy One

Come See Buggy One!

Last week Alysa McCall interviewed Rangers Roy and Mike from inside Buggy One and then talked with Wes Larson, graduate student studying polar bear moms and cubs. But what is Buggy One?

Buggy One is “a mobile broadcast and research centre we created exclusively for PBI’s use. [It] is outfitted with tools and equipment that enable polar bear scientists to study bears and broadcast their live Tundra Connections webcasts from the remote tundra, sharing up-to-date information on Churchill’s polar bears with audiences around the world.”

Jump on the Buggy Live Cam here, and get an inside tour and see last week’s Live Chat here. Frontiers North Adventure’s Buggy really is one-of-a-kind. Read more about Buggy One at FNA.

EXPLORE the Complete – Tundra Buggy Cam Live Camera Experience