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Caption This Contest! (new for 8/18/14)

Hi Explorers. Another Monday, another brown bear snapshot for you to caption! What do you make of this one from May_Norway?

Go ahead and take your shot at the snapshot. Post a caption in the comments below and we’ll choose the best for not only bragging rights, but prizes too!

Check out the winners from last week here, and check back next Monday to see if you’ve won! Good luck!


  1. This is the worst seat I’ve ever had for a Chicago Bears game.

  2. Ronnie

    Must hurry to the Black Friday sale!

  3. Sdtexas

    Hey over there! It’s me. Send those fish my way!

  4. lyn

    The fish went.. where?!

  5. CSchafer

    Hey, my dance card’s not full yet.

  6. cawee

    Hey cameras can you see me now?

  7. Caryn Rose

    Bob…what are you doing home so early??

  8. GABear

    “What?!?….Hold on here….You’re saying those fish jumped over those falls and are GONE?!?”

  9. Cbuitron

    Tiptoe thru the riffles with me!

  10. larry weese

    Where is everybody?

  11. calliopejane

    OMG this water is freezing!

  12. Nancy McLaren Clark

    Ok I’ve got my eye on you now.

  13. luvnature

    OK! all you bearcam watchers get your screen-shots! I’m not standing like this all day!

  14. Sandy in NC

    Meet Lumberjack, our newest bear…champion log roller!

  15. ValleyFlowers

    Walking Bear has Class;
    Walks to the Dinner table.

  16. JCamille

    Gnarly, dude! Surf’s up at the Falls!

  17. JCamille

    “You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about.”

  18. JCamille

    Will dance for fish.

  19. JCamille

    Fred Astaire, the dancing bear

  20. BeckyT-GA

    Darn! I just had my nails done!

  21. BeckyT-GA

    Can someone get me my gloves? I am going to prune up if I don’t get these paws covered!

  22. BeckyT-GA

    Excuse me! Excuse me! How do I get to Pike Place fish market?

  23. CSchafer

    My bear vision is better in this position.

  24. What is that ? It’s a bird it’s a plane..no it’s Ranger Roy !!!

  25. CSchafer

    Has anyone seen my towel?

  26. SoCalif

    “I am a Great Bear Totem!”

  27. heidibelle

    Seriously?? In the woods, guys, in the woods!!…sheesh…

  28. Sue

    “Haha, the other bears said we couldn’t walk on water…I guess I showed them!”

  29. Sue

    “The view from up here is unbelievable!”

  30. Diane C Sullivan

    Crap, Lurch is coming!

  31. Carli Chapman

    There was a bear, with Dark Brown Hair, that Walked the River Brooks. He Stood up tall, peered over the fall, and showed off his Good Looks!

  32. Patti Valley

    I nominate Lurch, Otis, and Grazer…….. your turn for the ice challenge for ALS!

  33. Gillian

    I’ll watch for the tourists and when I see them coming we’ll all hide.

  34. heidibelle

    Okay, I’ll start – ‘Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…

  35. Ronnie

    Ok class, today we will study fishing 101!

  36. Sharon Yateman

    “How cool – I can see Russia from here!!”

  37. Teri Dunbar

    Does anyone have a TOWEL?????

  38. Teri Dunbar

    Do I have that Fresh shower look??

  39. Arlene Harvey

    I’m coming out! So you better get the fishing started!

  40. I cant walk like a bear.. i just had my nails done ! the rocks will ruin them

  41. Steve Keiser

    Just doing my part to support the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

  42. jbgTX

    Who dat?

  43. Linda Jett

    Oh Oh!!!!! Mom found my hiding spot. Wait, maybe she didn’t see me yet.

  44. lingo13

    Hey…where did the piano go?


    See guys, I’m a big bear too!

  46. Juergen

    could someone heat the water slightly ?? Ranger Ranger Roy or Mike?
    I have cold front paws

  47. jbgTX

    Ding, ding, ding, ding….Dinner Bell

  48. I just want a dance partner….

  49. mosaic_world

    hmm, I just realized that I’m not wearing any pants.

  50. dorasmother

    Shall I show you my pirouette?

  51. still in Santa Rosa

    Standing Ovation for this years Fishing!

  52. CSchafer

    Quick, get your picture of me before the cams go down again.

  53. Sharon Maxwell Arndt

    Up, Up and Away!…It’s SUPERBEAR!!!

  54. Guest

    Oh Bugga I believe he got away!

  55. Buddykisses4u

    Oh Dear Me….where did that Salmon go?