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Snapshot by CamOp Greg

Snapshot by CamOp Greg

Beluga Wrap Up Chat 9/13

As beluga season has come to an end, we are hosting a live chat with Kieran Mciver on Wednesday, September 13th at 2 pm PT/ 5 pm ET! 

Have any pressing beluga questions? Make sure to submit your questions below!

When we go live, you can watch here!

  • ♥Juergen♥

    Hi Kieran, whats next on your working list now after you reteired as beluga boat Captain

  • Charlene Poulton

    Hi Kieran, how did you feel snorkelling with the Belugas on August the 24th? I watched the full video and was amazed at how they stayed with you for so long. You must have been so cold when you finally got out of the water.

  • l han

    Lots of questions (as usual!);
    1. Have the belugas gone yet, and have you been out in the boat at all?
    2. Do they go to the Atlantic or stick to Hudson Bay?
    3. Once they get where they are going, do they “mingle” with other beluga families?
    4. What was the highlight of the season for you, Kieran? (I am assuming it was the “swim with the fishes”!) : ) – that was definitely the highlight for me, with the live music coming in a close second…
    5. What is next for you, Kieran?
    6. Will you all do anything differently next summer because of how things went this year?
    7. That’s all I can think of at the moment… Just want to express my appreciation for the trips around the area. it was great to get to know churchill – even though from a distance – to see the belugas and to see the polar bears, and learn something new! (and not even get seasick / soggy / freaked out by a surprise polar bear attack!!) THANKS Again, to Kieran, to all the camops, and Explore.

  • Cloud
    • ♥Juergen♥

      lol Hi Cloud, may be but without the sighn