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Beluga whale

Beluga Season Has Begun!

Beluga Week begins today as the whales return to Churchill River for the summer. Our Beluga Boat Cams are streaming live, capturing haunting, otherworldly footage of these gentle, curious creatures.

Each year, thousands of belugas migrate hundreds of miles through Canada’s Hudson Bay to feed, mate and rear their young. Explore and Polar Bears International have mounted cameras to an even bigger Beluga Boat, where you can join in all the wild whale watching from our On Deck and Underwater Live Cams!

Our new boat captain and guide to Beluga Season, Hayley Shephard has years of experience as an adventurer and expedition leader, with travels spanning the Arctic to Antarctica. Her incredible knowledge, enthusiasm, and relationships with the locals in Churchill, Manitoba will make this Beluga Cam season better than ever.

We’ve got boatloads of fun, enriching activities scheduled: live chats, sea tours, awe-inspiring videos of playful belugas, and updates on our favorite arctic animals like snowy owls and polar bears. Stay tuned for all the on-board adventure!

EXPLORE The Complete – Beluga Live Camera Experience