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Behind the Scenes with WCC’s Puppy Paparazzi

Puppy Paparazzi: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot with the Courage Litter
By Beth Bourgeois of Warrior Canine Connection

Each week, Jessi’s Courage Litter gets its own private photo shoot at the Warrior Canine Connection headquarters. Photographer Lori Marshall, a three-time WCC Puppy Parent, captures each of the eight pups, along with a HuggleHounds® toy, in adorable images to showcase their growth, development and adorability.


“It’s been amazing from week to week to see their development,” said Marshall. “Not only in their size but also their activity level — like opening their eyes and ears. This week [week three], I could tell they were listening and responding to sounds and voices. Each week I wonder what’s in store because they’ve been changing so much and I look forward to what next, giant step in their development that I will get to see.”

Behind the scenes, special care from WCC staff, volunteers and puppy handlers is taken during each photo shoot to ensure the puppies’ safety, comfort and to optimize their cuteness quotient. Flash photography is never used — to protect tiny puppy eyes.


But Marshall says it’s not all glitz and glamour during the photos shoots; sometimes nature calls, and with young puppies, it can happen with little to no warning. On the bright side, she says what can’t be cleaned up — can be Photoshopped out.

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