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Pipeline Zen

Zen Den Friday

Pipeline Zen

A Fan Shot from Genny, caught while viewing the live cam at Hawaii’s Pipeline. Send us your screen shots at feedback@explore.org.
Did You Know?
“Located midway along Oahu’s North Shore, Pipe has become surfing’s annual winter nucleus. Swells from distant Aleutian storms march through the Pacific and meet the Islands with open-ocean speed. As they near shore, they focus on reefs that amplify their size and energy.”
The break got its name for the perfect cylindrical waves that break there, pipe-like as they were.
“Formerly called Banzai Beach, California surfer Mike Diffenderfer noted the pipeline being put in on the Kamehameha Highway and suggested they call the break Pipeline. The two names were combined at first to ‘Banzai Pipeline.’ Over time the modifier disappeared, becoming ‘The Pipeline’ and, ultimately, ‘Pipeline’ or even just ‘Pipe’.)”
Read more at surfline.

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