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Ospreys catch fresh fish to bring back for their families.

Welcome the Ospreys back to the nest!

Our favorite ospreys have landed on Hog Island! The Osprey Nest cam is back live for a brand new season, and Dr. Steve Kress of Audubon’s Project Puffin suggests Rachel and Steve are the love birds making it their home. Join them on their lofty perch as they lay eggs, feed their chicks freshly-caught fish from the clear water below, and teach their brood to soar

Last year, Rachel and Steve raised three osprey chicks: Pia, Pan, and Poole, each of whom successfully fledged out on their own. Don’t miss any of this year’s beautiful, stunning moments as we watch their new family from a uniquely intimate perspective. Gather, chat, and share your snapshots of a whole new osprey season!

Never Stop Learning,

The Explore Team

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