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Rachel feeds her three chicks

Rachel feeds her three chicks

Vote on Your Favorite Osprey Chick Names

We received over 400 sets of name suggestions for Rachel and Steve’s chicks, all of them thoughtful and creative. It was tough to narrow down the selection, but we’ve decided on five final potential sets:

1. Mack, Flo, and Hal – Mack for Mackerel, Flo for Flounder and Hal for Halibut (for their contributions to the cause).

2. Windy, Gale, and Breeze – Picked because the wind seemed to be so fierce that week they were born.

3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit – Eric from camp (without his brilliant idea, there would be no nest, and he did such great rehab work on it this off season), Bierre for Dr. B, Spirit to honor so many nests who have lost young this season.

4. Phoebe, Robin, and Davie – Phoebe after Phoebe Snetsinger, Robin after Dr. Rob B, and Davie after David Gessner.

5. Hake, Henny, and Halia – Hake refers to timing and speed of migration in male, female and juvenile ospreys between Sweden and Africa as revealed by field observations, radar and satellite tracking, Henny for fall migration routes, timing and wintering sites of North American ospreys as determined by satellite telemetry, and Halia (Pandion Haliaetus)

Do you have a favorite set out of these five? Vote for one set in the comments section of this blog post. The set with the most votes will be our winner!

  • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

    I vote for #4: Phoebe, Robin, and Davie

  • Kimosquabbie

    I vote for Windy, Gale, and Breeze because they are all gender-neutral

  • CamOp_Benn

    #1 Mack, Flo and Hal.

  • Suzi L

    I vote for #1

  • Colorado Girl

    Hake, Henny and Halia!

  • Barb

    Windy, Gale & Breeze

  • Kim Dillard

    #1 ~ Mack, Flo and Hal

  • chillin

    Hard to choose! But I will go with Eric, Bierre, and Spirit. I think all three uniquely show thanks and honor. And I like that we are acknowledging the loss felt at other nests, as Chesapeake did last year with little Maine and Montana.

    • BostonBean


  • willowmyyst

    Hake, Henny, Halia :)

  • http://www.exoticsugargliders.net Annette

    #3 Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • Tyra Trevellyn

    I’ll be happy to welcome them as #4…Phoebe, Robin, and Davie!

  • AF-England

    I vote for Eric, Bierre, and Spirit it would be great for the person who put he nest together to have the honor, also Spirit for Trey, just perfect.

  • kalcat


  • Imapixel

    3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit…because it is a fitting tribute, and memorial.

  • Teezee

    #3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Stephanie Marie

    #3 Eric Bierre and Spirit

  • LeAnn Strickland Brower

    #3 love those

  • Erulasse Aranel

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze, because they could work for either gender and are pretty.

  • Michele Laughridge


  • Solera from Austria

    Not gender neutral but I like Phoebe, Robin and Davie :-)

  • bonnibell

    Windy, Gale and Breeze my vote.

  • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

    Lady T has asked me to put in her vote for #3 (can’t say I agree with her, but I’m fair ;-)) )

  • Naturelvr

    Difficult but I’ll go with Phoebe, Robin, and Davie

  • BirdNut

    Voting for 3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit … great representation both of significant humans and dear ospreys.

  • Woodzi

    Eric, Bierre and Spirit!

  • Tom

    I vote # 3

  • Kathleen


  • brosati

    I didn’t get to vote for real ( Jamie Claire and Fergus )

    # 1 Mack Flo and Hal

  • Joyce WA

    Number 1

  • Just Romie

    I like #2 – Windy, Gale & Breeze

  • Deborah

    While #2 is tempting I vote for #3

  • Barbara

    Hard to choose between #1 and #3. After thinking about it for a while, I think I’ll go with #3.

    (“Bierre” means “beer” in French, in case that matters….!)

    • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

      That’s bière 😉

      • Barbara

        For some reason, I thought I remembered that there were two “r”s.

        Oh, well….!

  • seagee

    I vote #4: Phoebe, Robin, and Davie.

    I also wish someone would provide correct punctuation in the list above. Missing commas and semicolons make it difficult to read.

  • Jeanne_FL

    I have to go with #4 Phoebe, because she was an ultimate birder and contributed so much to ornithology, Robin for Dr. B (though I like Robbie to sound more like Phoebe and Davie) and Davie is a great name as I thoroughly enjoyed Gessner’s Return of the Osprey and Soaring with Fidel books. Too bad there isn’t a forth, cause Eric would definitely get my vote!

  • rborns33

    Definitely #3! Love what all of them stand for, especially Spirit!

    • BostonBean

      Spirit now especially in light of the losses today at Columbus and GreatLakes.

  • Jana Patton

    # 3!!!

  • Cajunlady

    #3 because Dr. B’s the best!! ;-D

    • seagee

      Dr. B made it to two lists. Also #4.

      • Cajunlady

        Oops! Well, I would have picked #3 because of Eric too! ;-D

  • Emily Echols Ginder


  • Julia Glueckauf Gray

    #2 (#1 was a close 2nd)

  • Justus Mason


  • anc1entmar1ner

    I’ll go with #2: gender-neutral and whimsical. Of course, there are no bad choices in the list.

  • Michelle from Maine

    #3 :)

  • http://www.endemicproductions.com Liberty

    #3 gets my vote.

  • Frogs On!


  • disqus_Kn4oANynTf


  • wtldat

    I vote for #2 ☺

  • Balboa


  • Regina from Hamburg

    My vote is on # 4 because it’s continues naming them after birders, scientists, environmentalists, people related to HI

  • PatticakeRI

    #3 Eric, Bierre and Spirit! Perfect!

  • Carol Vickers


  • Amy Proett Van Arkel


  • No. Shore Jackie

    #2 gets my vote. = )

  • Susan Poirier


  • briteyesSLC,UT

    # 3

  • Ospreylove

    # 3

  • Rex2915

    2. Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Liz


  • Birdlens

    Eric, Bierre and Spirit!!!! #3 is perfect!

  • Ann Griffith

    Love these babes

  • Chiri

    I vote for Option #3

  • Karen

    option 4

  • Tricia Allard

    2 please

  • NatAmaze


  • Robinette

    #4 because it continues the practice of chosing names of people involved in birding or HI. This is Robinette17 (can’t seem to log in here)

  • ladybarber61

    #3 To honor our lost little ones

  • Anna1972

    #1! It is brilliant!

  • BBWonderdogs FL


  • http://www.wordofmouthtranscripts.com roses123

    Number 3 please

  • Lois Austin

    I like # 2.

  • Lineka

    #3 touches me the most!

  • Joan Siegrist

    #3 although I would like to swap Bierre from #3 with Robin from #4

  • Jillian

    I like #2. Windy, Gale & Breeze are not just fitting names, they are also pretty and gender neutral.

  • Julia L.

    I love #1. My suggestions didn’t make the cut but I really like #1. (I like #3 also, but #1 wins out with me.)

  • Mottlie5

    Number 1! ❤️

  • Jean Dick

    #3 for me. :o)

  • DoreenD

    # 3 gets my vote.

  • Sealavender

    3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

    #3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit.

    • Andee in SC

      Me too!!!!

    • http://www.southernbirding.com Terri NE FL

      me three !

  • Andee in SC


  • Vigdia-EeVee2

    # 3 for me please

  • naturegirl


  • DJ

    # 4.

  • Michelle Ayala


  • CurbGirl


  • lolo53

    # 3 for me. Great names, and I like honoring the lost.

  • Judy Dobiesz


  • MiniCooper

    #3 here.

  • Margarita

    #1 Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • TC42670

    #3 Is perfect!

  • annieap1

    #3 – [I choose Eric, Rob (for Dr. B) and Juanita, but these are close enough for me!]
    W/o the three above, there might not even BE a Hog Island.

  • Jean MB

    I like #4 as I too think two girls one boy.

  • FayinMS


  • beach4lu

    #2 ❤️

  • Lois Arnaldo

    I love #3

  • Mainelady

    #3 please!

  • 4E2GA1

    Number two please

  • Malou

    #3 please!

  • Colorado Sister

    #3 seems good!

  • Theveens

    I love #1, but I’m voting for #3

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      Me too, I started thinking about if I wanted to be named peanut butter and jelly. :) in the end, Spirit won me over.

      • BostonBean

        Exactly. I’d be texmex pizza thai.

  • Kathy Tompkins Cwalina

    #3 is perfect

  • Iris Delgado


  • GiGi

    #3 for me please! No bad choices anywhere though.

  • KittyMorel

    #2 Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Catherine Jarvis

    #1 Short and sweet!

  • LA

    All are great but must choose, so will go with 3.

  • Jami Keesee


  • Brenda Sandefur

    Voting for # 2 Seems i heard these names right off after the were born,due to weather conditions 😀 Thank you!

  • Skybird


  • Poppy

    Steve just texted me, since he has no WIFI on top of the nest. His vote is on # 1 Mack, Flo, and Hal. He loves this choice.

    • seagee

      Right, he would vote for the fish! I just can’t see naming them after things they eat. ;0-}

  • Shorebirder


  • Diane R

    #3, thanks!!

  • ellen

    I vote for #3, sorry there was no Trey in any of the suggestions

  • Judy Large

    # 1

  • Chammy

    I vote #2

  • robincee

    Voting for #3. Thank you!

  • Regina from Hamburg

    GAngel sent me an email: Hi Regina, Heres my vote >> # 3
    Thank You,

  • Georgi

    I vote #3

  • Carol Latsis

    No. 3, thanks.

  • rosprey


  • Monarchlady

    #4 thank you

  • boohbooh bear


  • sue


  • MS

    #1 to honor Steve’s outstanding work this season.

  • Meffa MA. US

    #3 I guess.

  • http://www.southernbirding.com Terri NE FL

    really like #2 but I am going to vote for #3 please (as long as the baby gets the name spirit !!!!)

  • jordy

    #4 — Phoebe, Robin and Davie

  • MaineTrapgirl

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • DaisySue

    Number three.

  • BC Sonya Ammann


  • grannyB

    I don’t like either one, will pass on voting :(

  • MinD

    #1 Mack, Flo and Hal!

  • Bozhi

    Trey should stay Trey!

  • KOside

    #3 for me. Thanks.

  • Gilbert Arrington

    3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • susan

    #3 for me,But I do think trey should stay trey.

  • cmolander

    #2 Windy, Gale and Breeze.
    Windy and Gale are female names. I strongly believe that Onesie and Towsie are females. Breeze is okay for a male’s name. I believe Trey is a male. I agree Trey has won our hearts and Breeze is a light-hearted, fun name, appropriate for him.
    Thank you for allowing the chatters to participate in the naming of the 2016 chicks 😉

  • palurien

    #3 Eric, Bierre, Spirit

  • Kathy Bellman Tinoco

    I vote for #1

  • Gina Stainsby Bradley


  • Ms Jude

    I vote for Windy, Gale and Breeze #2 :-)

  • SDinVA


  • Philippa

    Number 2 – these names link as together and will show which family they refer to in the future.

  • Yasmin Tolker

    #2 please!

  • BostonBean

    #3 Rob Bierregard def is waaay past due for an honorarium.

  • daniel wesley

    4. Phoebe, Robin, and Davie

  • kitkatio


  • Lynn NY


  • 60deedy

    #2 is my vote!

  • Elke

    #3 spirit should be the youngest, please :)

  • lenoirdenantes

    3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit
    #Elke I agree that Trey as we have been calling he/she should be Spirit, Please.

  • Paula from Colorado

    #1….Mack, Flo and Hal get my vote

  • West Coast Girl

    #1…..just rolls off the tongue!

  • Karen mulder reis

    #2 please

  • Jill Nunez

    Mack, Flo and Hal

  • Weezy

    Mack, Flo and Hal

  • nmc

    Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • ateetuk

    Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • snowbird17

    eric, bierregaard and spirit

  • Kathy Libby

    I vote for number 1 – so easy to say!

  • Louise Martus

    Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Carolyn Malloy

    Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • StephC55

    #3 is my vote and agree Trey should be named Spirit..

  • MousieInChgo

    #3 Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Martha McCarter from Oklahoma

    #3, please Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Stephanie Lanning

    3 please.

  • Sheryl Smith

    #1 please

  • kitkatio

    I just gotta say none of the options really call out to me. I cast my vote for #4 earlier, but none of the proposed names match the magic of these little guys for me. I guess I’ll standby #4, though.

  • Ospreylover

    Eric,Pierre and Spirit.

  • susann


  • Leab-SFBay

    I vote for number 2.

  • Penny Amanda Seelye Sweet


  • Cloudymoor


  • lynndvm


  • bansheebaby


  • Donna de Wildt

    #1. Mack, Flo, and Hal. In recognition of the record-breaking fishing season for our majestic and proud Papa Steve Osprey, devoted in every way for making sure his partner in life, and his 2016 trio of hatchlings are well provided for.

  • KTdid

    #3 Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • doc_rabbits

    I’ll vote for #2.

  • anne taylor

    mack, flo and hal

  • Dorothy

    Windy, Gale, Breeze

  • I<3Nature

    #3. Thanks for letting us vote!

  • sambuzzard

    Thanks for giving us a vote. It is # 3 from me.

  • PoodleMom

    I guess it’s Windy, Gale and Breeze for me.

  • Carrie Leahy Monahan

    #2 – Windy, Gale and Breeze, Thank you.

  • shnzermom

    Simple> 2. Windy, Gale, and Breeze – Picked because the wind seemed to be so fierce that week they were born.

  • 4meowsmom-MA

    I agree with some of the others, don’t really like any of them but… #3 I guess…

  • Jacky Kulish


  • Debbie Trainer

    #1 Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • Jannlw

    #3 for me

  • lacybear

    #2 windy,gale,breeze

  • JAL 15

    Mack, Flo and Hal – Those poor fish, eaten alive — getting a little deserved recognition? Plus, cute names for cute babies.

  • Linda G Massachusetts


  • Martha

    I like Mack, Flo, and Hal.

  • Catherine Hunter

    VOTE Mack, Flo, and Hal, 2016! ;p

  • Jim San

    I’ll go with number 1; Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • Judy Chow

    I like Mack, Flo, and Hal. Thank you to those who put forth these suggestions – a lot of thought went into the process.

  • Mel

    I feel the pull of recognizing the 12-16 unsung heroes of each day,
    Mac, Flo and Hal. Because of their sacrifice (granted it is unwilling and unknowing) we are blessed with a happy, healthy nest.

  • S


  • OneBirdieMa

    I take it that these were chosen by their appeal to those choosing for the final list, rather than those sets of names that appeared (de novo) most frequently. I read through the list several days ago. Seems like the “spirit” of American politics is at work here, too. Fortunately this isn’t that important. I shall therefore disrespectfully decline to vote for any of the choices offered.

  • Eileen

    I vote for #2

  • Lily from CT

    Such great name suggestions! I vote for #1 – Mack, Flo and Hal. Mack could be Mackenzie if it is a female and Hal could also be Haley. These names seem easy to remember, too.

  • Mary Jane Malloy

    Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • NicoleinJacksonville,FL

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Mars

    Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Linda Eaton Brenizer

    I am for #3 please. No doubt. Thank you.

  • Dyzilla


  • JustMe

    I vote for this being handled by Audubon again.

  • Mark Eister

    #1 – Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • feather gazer

    #1 Mac, Flo and Hal

  • Jennifer Milliken


  • TinyJulz <

    #3: Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • diane

    Vote for #3.

  • CR

    I Vote #2

  • MaineBear

    #1 Mac, Flo and Hal

  • Teri – BoxerMom

    I vote # 3, Eric, Bierre and Spirit. Thank you Eric and Br. B and in memory of Big and Little. The Spirit of our nest lives on.

  • Nature watcher

    I vote #2. I must say they are all good.

  • msbunny

    i vote for #3.

  • msbunny

    the choices are all interesting and well thought out and i vote for #3.

  • AnneMarie Ranger

    I vote #2 Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • 4meowsmom-MA

    Don’t know if anyone had suggested these and I know it’s too late now but
    Uno, Dos and Trey (instead of Tres) would have been nice too

  • Linda Eaton Brenizer


  • Jackie Maas

    I vote #1, Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • pattymoo

    #3 Eric without him no nest also off season rehab work he does Bierre, Spirit can’t go wrong with that name

  • Flyfishboca

    Mack, Flo & Hal since my passion is fishing
    & they sacrificed so much unbeknowst to them.

  • Carol Loveless

    Phoebe, Robin and Davie

  • michele long

    #4 Phoebe, Robin and David (for the attention he brings to ospreys, birds in general and the natural beauty around us)

  • debra turnbull

    #3 Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Jennifer Fantis

    I like #3

  • Snowflake

    #3 ~ Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Phyllis Alexander

    Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Rita

    #3 – Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • kikibird

    windy gale and breeze

  • Dee

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze –

  • Kalar Walters

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze! Those are wonderful!

  • Bonnie

    #3 – Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • Lynn Cullen

    #4, please. There must be an osprey named Davie.

  • Marty

    #1 for names

  • Claire Ri

    1. Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • Dudley MA

    #2 – Windy, Gale and Breeze

  • Sandie

    #3 Eric, Bierre, Spirit

  • Lee Morris

    #2 Windy, Gale & Breeze. These names remind me of being outdoors and free. Just like our wonderful ospreys.

  • Diane Francis

    2. Windy, Gale and Breeze


    #2 Windy, Gale and Breeze.

  • Faith_WNY

    I like #3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit (for recognition due to all 3)

  • Jane Wade

    #3 Eric, Bierre and Spirit

  • Elaine Solomon

    #3 Eric, Bierre, Spirit

  • E. Sandberg


  • Sandi Sola

    #3 Eric, Bierre, Spirit

  • Siggy Ruhe

    #3 Eric,Bierre & Spirit

  • Quidnunc

    #1. Mack, Flo, Hal

  • Bee

    #1. Mack, Flo, Hal

  • Prickly Pear


  • Debbie

    Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • Dylan Flather

    Mack, Flo, and Hal

  • jennifer schultz

    phoebe, robin and davie

  • Hanna54

    2, Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Midge Curry

    Windy, Gale & Breeze

  • Stephanie Spano

    Windy, Gale, Breeze

  • Solera from Austria

    Voting for teegee125 who doesn’t seem to be able to vote here: it’s #2: Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • http://www.associateddesigners.com annieb

    phoebe, robin and davie

  • LJHydukovich

    I vote for Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • StayOnTopicPlease

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Allan Jacobs

    set #3

  • Cedar

    Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • BBWonderdogs FL


  • http://www.ascencionproject.com/ Mombird Helene

    #3 -Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

  • annpollak

    Mac, Flo, Hal

  • Jack

    Pecker, Opie, Barney

  • Michele Mone

    Windy, Gale & Breeze

  • CathyC

    #2 because this HAS been a very windy year in many places it seems.

  • Jack

    PeePee, PooPoo, and Fuzz

    • seagee

      The voting closed days ago.

  • GreyLady


  • 3ChocLabs-PA


  • BuffyMax

    #3 is my vote, still wish we could have kept Trey :-)

  • Jenny83


  • Jane


  • Ang In CT

    My vote is # 2.. yay for breeze

  • Barbara Whitman

    My vote is number one

  • Lynn Brofsky


  • Seaside


  • Jaspers_companion


  • Puppyluver

    I like Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Klash

    #2 Windy, Gale, & Breeze

  • Hasadore Scott Hall


  • Lori Arnold

    #2 Windy, Gale, and Breeze

  • Arlene

    #2 I guess I will vote for….(even though I had wanted my picks Sunny, Windy and Stormy)…oh well.

  • birdlover


  • Julie


  • Cate from Canada, ‘eh

    Great final choices.
    My vote = #1.

  • lily

    Vote# 5

  • Bad_mamma_jamma

    Number 1

  • Nefer

    #2 Windy, Gale, and Breeze (although personally I prefer Breezy).

  • Claire

    # 3

  • Zoodenizen


  • peeko


  • http://tugboattours.com Captain Nancy


  • babyphd-GA


  • Two Gadabouts


  • Hillary


  • Martha Wrightis


  • C

    #4 (respectfully, and in keeping with past years where Audubon used namesakes of those related to the field)

  • Diana Hartman

    #1 Mack, Flo, and Hal.

  • Brinsmom

    #4 – to keep the tradition going.

  • CWhite2

    #3. Eric, Bierre, and Spirit

    • cmolander

      Pronounced “Beer”

  • Erin Clark


  • Linda Perry

    Windy, Gale and Breeze…

  • sylvia martin

    Windy, Gale, and Breeze.

  • Lori Summers

    Windy, Gale, Breeze

  • Teresa Rome.Italy

    N. 1

  • Patricia

    No. 3

  • posting real

    windy breeze and gale

  • Sue McNamara

    Windy, Gale and Breeze

  • Savannah merckling


  • Savannah merckling


  • Lea Beraldo


  • Rachel Bearden

    5. Hake, Henny, and Halia

  • Kim

    #5 !

  • Milasmom

    #3. Even though I was pushing for #2 when the births were happening, and #1 is brilliant . . .

  • Krimpie


  • Sandra Taylor

    number 1 gets my vote

  • Poppy

    Tatatataaaaa We proudly present the names of this year’s osprey chicks:

    The first chick: Eric from camp without his brilliant idea there would be no nest and he did such great rehab work on it this off season.
    Second chick: Bierre for Dr B., enough said!
    Third chick: Spirit to honor so many nests who have lost their young this season.

    This set of names was suggested by community member Rosprey and won the poll with an overwhelming majority. Thank you all for your dedicated input!

  • DianneC

    Well I love the names and find it such an honor to be able to watch Eric, Bierre and Spirit grow! So congratulations to all of us for putting our heads together and suggesting so many awesome names. Congratulations on the “set” to Rosprey.

  • Zsandralea

    I love number 1 names…perfect

  • MamaKat


  • ploverchic

    #1, but really it should be Larry, Moe and Curly!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mjmoriginalsphotography Camop_Maddie

    #4 or #2 (not camop right now just a viewer)

  • Serina


  • Cheryl Z.


  • Bill Diskin


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