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Polar bear mom and cub / photo by KT Miller

Ursula is Still Going Strong and Steady!

Nine-year-old polar bear Ursula and her 2-year-old cub have only a short time together left, but it seems they’re making the most of it!

Since traveling a bit farther into south/central Hudson Bay, this little family has been making fewer large movements, instead opting for smaller travels within a smaller area. This could mean that they found a productive area in which to hunt seals- let’s hope!

Finding a good hunting area would be great for the cub who is soon to set out on its own. Also, within the next couple months the seals in Hudson Bay will start pupping, meaning that an easy smorgasbord of fatty mouthfuls will become available for polar bears. The spring is the most important hunting time of the year for polar bears and the period when most bears will pack on the majority of their body weight that will last them throughout the food-scarce summers.

Packing on weight will be especially important to Ursula who may be looking to become pregnant. Pregnant mothers go for up to 8 months without food once on land, so every bit of body fat counts! The team at Polar Bears International will keep monitoring and updating when possible, so stay tuned for more of Ursula’s adventures!

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