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Our Latest Live Chat Summary!

This was one of the last Puppy Cam live chats we’ll host for Misty’s litter. Thanks for all your great questions!

texasundog Hello Molly. Have the puppies been micro-chipped yet?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, the pups are micro-chipped right around 8 weeks. I usually do it myself but this time I brought them with me to the 8 week vet appointment and had Dr. Gregory do it.

mhennan Molly, what is the brand of marrow bone you give to your pups and big dogs?

WarriorCanineConnection I use Redbarn Marrow bones. I trust that company and they have not had recalls.

WarriorCanineConnection I do sometimes refill with water soaked kibble, a small amount of peanut butter or maybe some canned food. 

karmackayo Hi Molly. Where do you get the props for the photo shoots? Is there a puppy picture props catalog?

WarriorCanineConnection Keekaburro gets all the props. Usually Party City and Hobby Lobby. No, there are no puppy prop catalogs. She does a lot of painting and crafting.

lynnesky Hi Molly! Can you help us understand why pups go to work with their parents-don’t they go to NICoe? Or is that a bit later in their training?

WarriorCanineConnection There are only so many training spots at each of the programs (Walter Reed, NiCOE and Ft. Belvoir, VA). However, just because those spots are full I can’t stop breeding dogs.

WarriorCanineConnection The demand for service dogs is huge, as are the # of other installations wanting training programs.

WarriorCanineConnection All of the dogs get training, just only some are trained by Wounded Warriors. At some point during the training process each of the dogs will be trained by a Wounded Warrior. 

Q: How are microchips inserted?

WarriorCanineConnection Microchips are inserted via a needle and syringe – the chip itself is the size of a grain of rice.

dawgmom07 Any chance of any programs coming to the NY area?

WarriorCanineConnection I need to have dogs ready to move into those daily training programs when funding is available to open new training programs. 

WhatUp How is Derecho & is he with permanent PP ?

WarriorCanineConnection Derecho is doing fantastic! He doesn’t need his cone anymore and his eyes look great. The tack did what it was supposed to do and his head is developing and his eyelids are not rolling inward.

WarriorCanineConnection Mr. Derecho is with a volunteer. He will come back next week and go to his permanent puppy home sometime in the week or two following that. 

Wuvtai5 How many working service vests does a dog go through as they grow? Who makes them for you and are they donated at cost or no cost?

WarriorCanineConnection A dog usually goes through 3 or 4 vests. Some can be reused because they only wear them for a short time. Some get worn out by washing and wearing. We have someone make the vests. They are made out of old uniforms of our Wounded Warrior Trainers.

KaseyL79 Hi Molly: Are “rescue” dogs ever considered as soldier canine companions? There are so many in shelters.

WarriorCanineConnection There are very few shelter dogs out there that fit the criteria needed for a working service dog. Health and temperament are a huge concern and it is hard to find that without selectively breeding.

WarriorCanineConnection Sometimes there are…but to spend so much time searching for them would leave our wait list even longer. 

MusicalMillie Hello! I was just wondering what type of things would be the biggest benefit if they were donated? For puppies or you or puppy parents?

WarriorCanineConnection We love donations that support our dogs. Many non-profits do not have the funding for the “extras” and we are so lucky to have the support of all of you so our dogs get spoiled!

GaltDaisy Have you or would you ever breed a golden to a lab and vise versa?

WarriorCanineConnection I am not a fan of the Golden/Lab Crosses. I have never had success with that although some organizations have. I choose to just have purebred dogs so I have some idea what to expect!

dawgmom07 Molly, how long have you been involved with this program?

WarriorCanineConnection I have been in the service dog industry for about 10 years now. My husband and I started WCC almost two years ago.

vwester I am sort of new to all of this. Only on since end of Dec. What is HHD Raindance please?

WarriorCanineConnection HHD is Holly’s Half Dozen, our litter from last summer. All of the dogs that I breed have the prefix “Raindance” before their registered name. They are asking for the pups registered names that we decided on.

CARCA Regarding Bea’s night poops – is it possible that the crating is causing anxiety and therefore poops?

WarriorCanineConnection Bea has had two night poops. That really isn’t that much. Last night I think was due to the fact that the crate was too big and she didn’t feel secure.

Q: Do you have a limit on how many times you will breed a dog?

WarriorCanineConnection I breed a girl once. If she isn’t a good mom or doesn’t enjoy it she is done. If she is a good mom she gets bred again. If I like the pups from her first litter she would get bred a third time, MAYBE a fourth. Four is pretty much my absolute.

Q: Misty’s pups are built so well. Will she have another litter?

WarriorCanineConnection This is Misty’s third and final litter.

Q: Molly, if I may ask, what were the problems the two pups from HHD were having with their food and what adjustments were made to their diets to fix them?

WarriorCanineConnection I am not exactly sure what the problem was. They were having loose stool…not increased frequency like diarrhea. Just loose stool. We added an antibiotic called Tylan powder and all is well again.

Q: Many breeders have 5 litters, which I believe is too much. Isn’t this harmful to the mother?

WarriorCanineConnection I don’t want to comment on what others do. I make decisions on what works for me and my ethics. I don’t think it is harmful though.

Q: Probably a dumb question, but is it genetically okay for a female to be impregnated by her father’s sperm? Does incest count for dogs?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, incest counts for dogs too.

Q: How’s my love Levi doing? How much longer until he is matched with his forever warrior?

WarriorCanineConnection Most boys are not ready to graduate until at least two. Boys take much longer to mature.

Q: Molly, the other night you made a comment about the puppies having down time and then referred to dogs who develop separation anxiety. Do you agree in some cases it is bad breeding and not poor training?

WarriorCanineConnection FOR SURE!! Fear and anxiety have a huge hereditary basis. I will never, ever breed a dog that has any kind of fear. It will surely pass down to her kids.

Q: Do you think having the big crate open all the time helped these pups adjust faster/better to individual crating?

WarriorCanineConnection I am not sure. It seems like it did…some litters just like the crate more than others.

Q: Molly, do you see any difference between Goldens and Labs and if so, what?

WarriorCanineConnection There are many differences between goldens and labs, but one is not superior to the other.

Q: Do the pups remember each other as they get older and don’t see each other for long periods of time?

WarriorCanineConnection Yes, the pups do remember each other. The sense of smell is very powerful!

Q: Molly, why is 5 weeks old the “best” age for pups?

WarriorCanineConnection 5 weeks is my favorite age because they are up and running around but they are not super bitey yet.