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Pops and his Co-pilot Carol

This Senior Dog is our Co-Pilot

San Francisco’s Muttville Senior Dog Rescue rescues older dogs who otherwise might not have a chance of making it out of the shelters in California. They reached a milestone this month with the 3000th rescued senior dog!

Meet Pops, a terrier mix Muttville recently rescued from a Los Angeles County shelter. He had been surrendered by his humans and was on his last days there. In these photos, he’s traveling from Southern California up to the Bay Area.┬áNormally, rescue dogs fly pops_Fotorin dog crates, but pilot Gordon’s co-pilot and wife, Carol, had Pops on her lap for this special flight. He looks out of the plane, towards his future.

His future is looking much brighter thanks to Muttville, where you can adopt him and other senior rescue dogs! And don’t miss Pop’s Facebook page!