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Osa Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica

These sloths are at home in Osa Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica, which focuses on caring for orphaned and injured animals. Famous for their seeming laziness, these slow movers are vulnerable to deforestation, though recent developments are starting to discover previously unknown facts about sloth behavior and ways to supplement their habitat through chocolate.

Costa Rica has a long history of conservation, preempting most modern movements. Explore.org granted $600,000 to EARTH University (en Espanol) based in Atlanta and Costa Rica to support education for the agricultural sciences and natural resources in order to contribute to sustainable development for agricultural production and the environment. “EARTH University is an international institution created out of a deep conviction that the environmental and social challenges confronting the planet can be resolved through education that promotes science, technology and entrepreneurship while focusing on essential human values, leadership and a commitment to social and environmental service.”

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