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Pen Farthing and Nowzad

Thank you, Pen Farthing and Nowzad Dogs!

Pen Farthing and his organization Nowzad Dogs have done wonderful work reuniting soldiers with the dogs they took in while deployed in Afghanistan. For their amazing contributions to national heroes and the dogs who love them, Dog Bless You will grant Nowzad Dogs $50,000 to continue their efforts.

CNN’s Hero of the Year Pen Farthing was a Royal Marine in Afghanistan when he met stray dog Nowzad, “My time with this dog was a way of de-stressing, collecting my thoughts and popping my head back in the game.” Other soldiers adopted canine friends to help cope but it wasn’t easy bringing the pups back home. Nowzad Dogs was started to care for dogs in the war-torn country and to bring them to their new forever homes. To date, Nowzad Dogs has reunited nearly 700 soldiers with the animals they adopted in Afghanistan.